Twitter Linkedin Cross Networking Message Broadcasting

LinkedIn and Twitter have always been popular social networking sites alongside sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. People today from all over the world are effectively connected with the help of these sites and getting socialized too. Because of this it’s possible to identify and locate just about anybody you want to on any of these platforms.

Social networking sites, apart from social networking, also act as potent business communication service. A lot of businesses and companies use these sites for cross network broadcasting to communicate with each other and with clients and market their products and services. Especially for small businesses, sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn prove to be a blessing as they are free to join. All you require is the most effective business profile to advertise and market your business to a huge audience base around the world.

Recently, Twitter and LinkedIn have partnered to provide its users highly enhanced, in fact doubled audience base. This potent cross network message broadcasting allows for immense power through a variety of features. Even as you set status on LinkedIn you can also tweet it simultaneously amplifying possibilities of being identified through real time searches. Similarly, as you tweet using any tool or service from Twitter, you can simultaneously broadcast the message to LinkedIn users.

Networkers thus simultaneously take advantage of every potent feature from both the sites. Using the widened audience base, businesses can now communicate and network with a larger number of similar businesses or related fields. This also enhances opportunities for cross promotion and building a huge prospective customer and loyal client base for the business. By using this powerful cross network message broadcasting opportunity, it now becomes easier establishing your professional identity online.

For example, if you are a Twitter member and have written on an interesting happening in your industry, you can now share this not only with Twitter but also with LinkedIn audience by just displaying on the LinkedIn profile your Twitter account name. Your business presence can be maintained online by sparking interesting conversations with the audience. With the help of this interesting partnership, you can send from Twitter as a status update selected tweets and enhance cross network message broadcasting.

Professionals from all over the world will find this partnership advantageous as they can take advantage of LinkedIn’s aim of disseminating effective information, even if they are professional tweeters. Anyone searching for information using location, user or keywords can find the same on either LinkedIn or Twitter. As you post messages or resumes, you can now reach a huge audience base offering endless possibilities.

As a user, in order to use Twitter/LinkedIn features to cross network broadcasting of message, it is important to show a lot of dedication. In order to keep your business visible, you have to stay updated with the latest challenges and updates. This will improve your online credibility and enhance your reputation among prospective and existing clients.

Effectively cross network as you broadcast your message to build your professional identity and enhance business opportunities using the Twitter-LinkedIn partnership.