Top Reasons Why One Should Read Manga

You might have probably heard of this Japanese styled comic thing from the internet or from your friend and wondered what so amazing and thrilling about this comic.

There are a number of reasons that comes to my mind when one asks why should one ever read manga. Some of the best reasons are included with this article.

  1. The amazing and gripping story: All the manga stories have amazing stories in them that take us through their magical and wonderful life and world. We will be able to relate to the main characters which make the story all the more interesting and intimate. You experience and go through aroller coaster of emotions as the story takes you to places that you have never been before.
  1. Awesome Japanese culture: Although with each manga series is based on different locations, every series incorporates some elements and cultures that are derived from Japan. With manga, we will fall in love with Japanese culture. We will want to learn more about them, and manga is the way to do it. You will learn about their customs, traditions, festivals and even some Japanese words.
  1. To get out of the real world: Every time when we watch a movie or read a book, we want to get lost in that and escape from the boring and chaotic mundane life. Manga provides you just that. When you had a bad day at the office or school, you can always come back and read the manga to forget all your troubles. It is the best tool for all your reality escape needs.
  1. Beautiful art: According to the theme of the series the designs and art will vary and this is one of the best parts of reading manga. You can watch and read aesthetically pleasing things and your eyes would never get bored.

So these are some of the top reasons to say when someone asks you why we read manga.

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