Top Games

#1. Over watch


This is one of the most thrilling games that features action and witchcraft. It is a game that has all the best features made excellent and outstanding. The game has perfect graphics and themes to ensure that the players enjoy. Easy to navigate through and made in a three Dimension manner that yields the reality feeling to the player.

#2. Dark souls II


This is for those who have been following the horror game. It has released over entertaining game. You need to be courageous enough to play it because of the horrifying images and pictures. It is one of the perfect games but very fierce to play on a big screen. The Gods are hungry and you need to fight through the dark thick forests to move to the next land. Best rated both in Amazon and EBay. Get yours now.

#3. Doom


This is a game that has all the best features to ensure that you enjoy its play. It has been made with the best animation to ensure that characters appear like real people. This If you want to play it perfectly, then you need to ensure that you have the best PC because very few PCs can play this game. Doom is an action game and a drama as well with a little witchcraft in it. Play it best in your PC after reading the manual careful because it is somehow complicated compared to the others.