Tips To Take Care And Maintenance Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are delicate and prone to get damaged easily in rough environment with no care or maintenance. Dirt, debris, sweat, earwax, water, moisture etc., are few of the enemies that can harm the lifespan of the hearing aids, rendering them useless. Though manufacturers provide warranties but learning how to take better care of them will only help you in the long run. Muama Enence Reviews presents these tips to you to ensure that you take proper care of your aids.

Avoid moisture

It is obvious that the hearing aids are a sophisticated piece of technology consisting of delicate circuits in a shell. Needless to say, these circuits very easily get damaged when exposed to moisture.

If you live in a humid area, try to invest in a specialized hearing aid dehumidifier storage device.

Change batteries

Batteries tend to get corroded when kept exposed to moisture. This is also true for the batteries inside the aids. The get corroded in time and can damage the aids from inside.

It is recommended to not keep the batteries inside them for too long and change them moderately.


Cleaning the aids is a crucial and important job. It can tremendously increase the lifespan of your aids. The device itself can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

Never use alcohol or any other solvents to clear the aids and these are too strong and can damage the aids. There are specially made products for this purpose, exclusively for cleaning aids. Also check the accumulation of wax on the wax filters and clean them if required.

If the aids are not working properly, leave it to the professionals, as screwdrivers and oil damage them.


Feedback is the whistling sound you hear when you wear your aids. This sound is not heard if your aids fit you well. The usual reasons for feedback are small ear molds and earwax in the ear canal.

If you face this problem, refer to your audiologist for what you should do.