Tips For Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Uruguay legalized marijuana in 2013. The first country to do so. Canada hugged the spotlight with the recent legalization of cannabis. Excited buyers can have their taste of recreational cannabis without fear. Thus, this has opened doors to the new breed of recreational cannabis users. Online sale is the only available method. Announcement of other plans will happen in the future.

People are wondering how to buy weed online and have it delivered to your door. Thus, this means a safe and fast way? There are procedures to follow. Only allowed options are through Visa and MasterCard. Then there is age verification. You must be 19 or above. You cannot cheat because the verification happens during the checkout. There is $5 postage, which takes three business days to arrive. Though it is speedy, what do you need to look for in buying cannabis seed online?


Cheaper does not mean better. Always check for the quality of seeds when buying online. You need to pay attention to the following. Make sure the seeds are free from damages. Thus, this means no presence of dents or holes. They should be big and fat, and this means they came from a healthy plant. Also, they should be round shaped. No deformities should be present. And they should also be dark brown. There are few lighter spots or strips present, and these are ok.


There are different varieties of cannabis and be sure to Google each one like the Sativa variety, which is tall and thin. And there’s Indica which matures earlier. There are also hybrids. So it depends on your needs. Do more research about each strain. Also, take note of that quality over quantity to avoid issues later on.


Buying cannabis seeds online is now protected. Be sure to know where you are getting your grains. Especially if they have a positive reputation or good reviews, you can now grow your cannabis seeds and enjoy.