The Finer Details For The Best GPS Navigations

It is necessary to spell it well to avoid the opposite. It does not matter if you write Choose instead of Choisy, the correct answer is automatically suggested.

It is better than to be cautious and inquire before leaving the name of an adjacent street which will eventually be used as a B plan. Another tip, enter the name of the locality before the address for the GPS to suggest the street from the first. Letters and above all do not get lost in an avenue that crosses several neighboring cities. With xy find it the navigation happens to be perfect.


An icon in the form of a cogwheel or wrench located in the “Menu” gives access to all parameters: the shortest or fastest route, with or without toll, keyboard, alerts, the automatic switch to night mode. Some models (especially at Tom Tom) offer an automatic zoom on the intersections, others (like Garmin) a double plane: one in perspective, the other in the manner a road map.

The itinerary 

The GPS logic is not necessarily yours. Hence the need to impose the route you have chosen. Even when set to go faster, a GPS will look for the shortest route. However, it does not always distinguish a small departmental where it is difficult to exceed the 60km / h of another limited to 90km / h: for him, both have the same speed limit. That’s how it can inflict a course of 400km of infernal roads that will take 9 hours instead of another of 470km passable in 6 hours.

How to avoid this inconvenience? Find the ideal route (red roads instead of yellow or white) on a road map and impose it on the GPS by entering two or three key stages – towns or villages – in the order of the chosen route.

Points of interest

To find the closest veterinarian or restaurant, simply press the “nearby” button and then enter your query on the keypad. From A as an antique dealer to Z like zoo, all the shops or attractions are listed. When the sites are known, it is possible to directly type his request in the address bar.