SSX Snowboading Game Review

The latest and greatest snowboarding video game installment is none other then SSX by EA Sports. The game triumphs as one of the most anticipated and best selling games of 2012. The game’s success is due to the plethora of new features and excellent new game play. The game has much to offer and it’s key points are listed below.

  1. Replay Value/Multiplayer/RiderNet

The game comes paired with an extremely social, competitive, and creative online multiplayer experience. The game allows you and your friends to compete with one another even when only one of you is online. Not only does it post your score or time to the levels scoreboard, but it actually saves a “ghost” of your best run to the level for your friends to race against regardless whether you are online or not. This provides a constant competitive nature to the game that you and your friends can enjoy.

Ridernet also provides online tournaments that players can easily drop in or drop out of. For example you can join an online tournament whenever you wish and place a good score and leave. You do not have to be there when it starts, or when it ends, to have your score entered into the competition. High placing scores are rewarded with in game credits, which can be used to purchase improved gear or unlock levels to play on. Even after you have conquered the globe on the great single player experience “World Tour,” you still have excellent replay value with the games multiplayer experience.

An entirely new feature in the game is the ability to place Geotags throughout all the levels at whatever location you can possibly reach or find. These Geotags are glowing orbs that earn you credits with each run it is not collected by another player. Hiding them from your friends and attempting to collect them is loads of fun and is quite rewarding.

  1. Gameplay

Even with insane, often times ridiculous, stunts that the game allows you to pull off, the mechanics and feel of it all is quite clean cut. Prewinding spins and flips with the left thumbstick gives the insane trick a feel of realism as you propel into the air spinning. This accompanied by the games great sound effects, not to mention that satisfying thump as you stomp the landing, really makes the jump feel like an accomplishment. I myself was not a fan of the SSX series, until recently, due to lack of realism in the game. But now, even though the tricks (when in “Super Tricky”) are impossible, the game really makes up for it in my book by providing great accompanying sound effects, five star graphics and clean cut mechanics.

The game rewards you for your stunts by filling your boost or “tricky” meter. Boosting is a good way to shorten your run time when racing and therefore makes tricking, even while racing, worthwhile. If your boost meter becomes full it enables “tricky.” When this mode is active it allows you to pull off various one foot grabs and grinds as well as providing temporary unlimited boost. The game takes it a step further with “Super Tricky,” this mode allows players to perform no footed grabs, flips and grinds as well as enabling the performing of the characters signature trick. These different stages of shredding reward players for good performance on the course.

Last but not least is the rewind feature. This feature allows you to go back in time, up to 15 seconds, and correct your mistake for a minor penalty. No longer will you have to throw your controller in rage as your character falls to their death off the side of a cliff. All you have to do is hold the left bumper, correct your course, and game on. Penalties for using a rewind include, point reduction if in a tricking run, falling behind, if in a race, and using one of your precious three available rewinds, if in survival mode. I find this one of my favorite features as it keeps the frustration out of the game.

  1. Customization

Although character customization is limited to the games existing characters, the game has many different options for each of them. Hundreds of unlockable suits, armor, oxygen tanks, wingsuits, headlamps and more are all purchased with in game credits. Good performance in the game is rewarded with these credits.The better you get, the richer you become.

Customization is fairly limited in my opinion, the game doesn’t allow for custom graphics on the boards or suits. Also, the ability to create your own unique rider would have made the game better in my opinion. However, even though there is no user created design options, the game has many different options for character appearance. Unfortunately they are all presets, but there is a great variety of them and it is unlikely that another players character will look just like yours.

  1. Overall

The game lacks in customization but really makes up for that in it’s great gameplay and replay value. Ridernet paired with the ability to place Geotags will keep the game interesting long after you have completed the single player experience. It’s an addicting and well produced game that will stay popular for quite some time. This game is well worth the money to buy.

To sum up, ssx snowboading is entertainment at its best and has to be seen to be believed and there can’t be a better thrilling experience than ssx to give you a good dose of euphoria so as to forget your troubles for the time being and is also a huge change of shift in the context of genres and a useful one at that, compared to wasting time surfing various Situs Judi Online to pastime gambling.