Sous Vide Cooking For The Highest Delicacy!

If you are that type of person that gets sad after a MasterChef season reaches an end, then maybe you need to get your hands on Sous-vide cooking. It’s a French way of cooking food inside vacuum, preferably inside a plastic bag and instead of direct contact with fire borne heat, steam does the job to heat up whatever is in the plastic bag and finally cook. Sous video cooking takes much lesser temperature than regular cooking, and the final output is absolutely delicious. Meat is the most common dish done through sous vide way, and there’s no overcooking in this process. Also the natural moisture is mostly kept within the fleshes in a healthy way, resulting in a very tasty treat for an enthusiast.

Things You’ll Need

If you are planning on sous vide cooking then you must check out Sous Vide Wizard, the first thing you’ll need are few vacuum bags. Should be bigger enough to accommodate the food that would be cooked. However, experts in sous vide cooking don’t always opt for vacuum bags because any sort of steam delivery even through a temperature-controlled water bath would do the job, but for starters we would recommend using a vacuum bag.

The sous vide cooking is a very unique and excellent technique to be cooking food with extreme control over the outside, because there’s no way a dish would be overcooked or undercooked – the natural look retains, so does all the healthy properties of a specific meal. Say vegetables or eggs, they would look as if they are still in the rawest form but actually cooked – isn’t that wonderful?

Nothing much is required for sous vide cooking apart from vacuum bags, but something that would be able to provide the ‘temperature controlled water bath’ environment is needed.  There are dedicated gears for sous vide cooking and you’ll preferably find them in any posh supermarket, but even an immersion circulator could do most part of the job.

An immersion circulator is basically a water heater that works in higher precision and accuracy – it takes in the water, heats it up and circulates it back into a tub or water pot. The circulation tendency of this device allows for efficient and healthy heating of water.

And for perfection, having a vacuum sealer will help you get the bags sealed in a nice gentle manner.

Pros and Cons

Apparently, sous vide cooking comes with some prominent pros and cons; and if you consider getting into the hobby then you should at least know them.


  • Sous vide cooking results in freshly cooked food – be it meat, fish or vegetable.
  • The cook gets absolute control over how the exterior of food would look, as well as avoiding overdone or underdone food.
  • Keeping a food at a desired temperature for long is comfortably possible without burning the food, or losing its texture.
  • No matter how raw the meat or fish looks, they are free of all bacteria due to exposure in heat for long.



  • For a new hobbyist in sous vide; trip to a supermall for the equipment would be necessary.
  • The cook needs to have plenty of time for the dishes, because it will take very long.
  • If you prefer meat or fish with a brownish outlook, sous vide is not going to be your forte.
  • Temperature control is very important – it’s a difficult process.


Sous vide might appear to be a lengthy and difficult process, but it is not. Once you really get into sous vide, it’s difficult to withdraw until you have cooked at least a few meals and invited your bits over for a delicious treat!

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