Rules and Regulation governing the cultivation of weed in United States

Laws in the United States about weed grow can be confusing as Federal Laws has strict laws against growing and usage of marijuana while state governments allow some degree of freedom. Each state has different rules against marijuana that applies within the territory of the state. So far, there are only four states that have legalized personal weed grow and usage for recreational, medical and industrial purposes. indoor-growing

Each state has different laws that regulate the cultivation of cannabis for personal or commercial use. If you are looking for the option of weed grow, then you must first go through the rules and regulations to save yourself from any trouble in future. The four states that have legalized marijuana are Washington DC, Alaska, Colorado and Oregon. Let us now have a look at the rules to help you out with legal terms and conditions of weed cultivation in each of these states.

Alaska allows anyone with age of 21 years or older to cultivate cannabis for personal use. A maximum number of plants is restricted to 6 per adult with a condition that only half of them can be allowed to flower at a time. The person cultivating the plants is allowed to keep the complete harvest without any restriction on weight. If you wish to transport it, there is a limitation on maximum weed that you can carry at a time. A person cannot carry more than 1 oz at a time. Any act of commercial distribution of selling cannabis if illegal. However, you can share a maximum of 1 oz with your friends who are 21 years old of above. Landlord reserves the right to restrict weed grow in his property unless mentioned otherwise in the lease.     growing_marijuana

The basic laws in Colorado that governs personal cultivation of cannabis are pretty much similar to those mentioned above for Alaska. Here also an adult with age of 21 years or older is legally authorized to grow up to 6 plants with the same restrictions of flowering plants. Moreover, a single family cannot grow more than 12 plants in a house. It is the responsibility of the cultivator to ensure that weed is kept at a safe location away from the reach of children or view of public. The place where you wish to grow cannabis must be at least 1000 feet away for any school premises. An individual can possess any amount of marijuana that he has grown himself. State laws restrict you from commercially selling marijuana for money or other forms of remuneration. However, you are free to share it with your friends without taking any money.

Washington also has the similar laws for weed cultivation with slight variations in rules in a few places. The same restrictions on age and number of plants hold well in Washington as in Colorado and Alaska. Cultivation cannot be done in a government-funded building or any other secondary property. A landlord’s consent is necessary before moving on with weed grow in a leased or rented property. Oregon restricts the maximum number of plants to two and you would need to register for growing larger quantities.

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