Role Of The Insulin Hormone

A lot of people who workout have no clue how important insulin is for the human body, nor have any idea at all what it does and how critical it is in weight training and having success with your goals in the gym! First off, you need to understand that insulin is released into the bloodstream when you consume carbohydrate foods. Insulin is sometimes known as an anabolic hormone, but its basic job is a storage hormone. Insulin has three main roles in the human body as a hormone:

1) First off, it will help your muscles take sugar from carbohydrate foods and store it in the muscles as glycogen. Since glycogen is the fuel source for weightlifting and working out, its main job is to give our muscles ease of access to glycogen (sugar) for energy. For all this, you can take help from testogen reviews bodybuilding that will guide in making an efficient diet plan that is well suited to your body.

2) Now the most important job of insulin towards building muscle is its ability to take amino acids from the proteins from the food you consume or protein shakes after a workout (protein shakes digest much quicker as they are in liquid form and are essential after a workout because your body can obtain the protein much quicker and release the amino acids to start the rebuilding process). Having insulin pull the amino acids from the proteins will sincerely increase the rate of muscle growth of the body during the repair process. Since only amino acids have the ability to create new muscle tissue, as it is the building block for any matter in the human body; rebuilding muscles, to organs, to our hair.

Now you may be asking whether your body is storing body fat or glycogen sugar for muscle energy storage or body fat. What you need to do to avoid gaining body fat is to remove things that cause fat storage and do the essentials for #1 and #2.

To be able to cause fat storage, you must be consuming more carbohydrates than the tanks of the muscle glycogen can handle. When the storage for the glycogen becomes overwhelmed; the excess carbs will begin to be stored as the fat storage in the body. Now the second reason people store fat over glycogen is too high amounts of levels of insulin.

Heres some basic steps to lower the insulin level in the body:

1) Make sure you divide your meals into 5 or 6 meals to help remove the high amount of carbohydrates you consume at one time. The fact is the more carbohydrates eaten at one time, the more insulin is released into the circulatory system.

2) One important variable in lowering insulin levels is to consume fiber. Mainly fiber found in beans, fruits, and oatmeals because these are soluble fibers that will dramatically slow down the sugar being released into the blood. The simple answer is when carbohydrate foods enter your system at a less progressive rate, the less insulin the body will create.

3) Consume omega 3 fatty acids. They are a type of special fat found in fish, such as salmon that can simply prevent insulin to release at high levels into the body.

4) Always stay away from saturated fats. You can find this in the fat of animals: such as red meat, pork marbling, kind of a chicken breast. Saturated fat runs completely different than fish oils. This fat will utterly have the muscles less sensitive to insulin. This will have the body acting in such a manner that it will literally begin spewing insulting into the circulatory system throughout the blood and ultimately lead to severe high insulin problems.