Recycling Your Wedding Bouquet and Making Art


The wedding you had was amazing, and the bouquet your florist made for you with the calla lilies and roses made you feel like a princess. It has been three months since, and there is your bouquet all dried up sitting on your shelf. The ribbons around the stems are about the only thing holding it together. What do you do with it now?


This is the conundrum I was facing, and then it hit me. I got it! I should make a painting with it. I looked at the empty wall above my bed and pictured three frames above the headboard. The three frames were to frame my flowers… but how?

I decided to get to work right away and taking my two kids with me, I went to the GTM store (a discount store). There, I purchased three frames for almost four dollars a piece. After that, because I knew I had some paint at home, I went home.

When I got home, I took care of my kids and when they were content, I situated myself outside with the frames I bought, my bouquet, a tube of glue and a can of paint that was a lighter shade but the same color as my wall. I began taking off the frames by lifting up the little metal pieces holding the glass to them. I did this one at a time.


After taking off the frames, I discovered that the black and white photo the frames were framing had a piece of cardboard under it. So, I knew the material then and there that I had to work with. I took out the black and white photos and laid them on the cardboard on the grass outside in my yard.

Then I opened my can of paint and taking a cheap paintbrush, I painted over the black and white photo in parts.

I started off by painting away the faces and the arms of the couple in the photo, and left the architectural elements of the building surrounding them showing. Then I added a few swipes next to the edges, and blended the paint in to the picture as if I was creating a painting utilizing the colors of the existing photo. Finally, I placed a few glue drops here and there, close to the edges, and off center or in the middle. Then I took my unravelled bouquet of flowers, and took a flower one-by-one, and placed it onto the glue drops.

I pressed the flowers onto each photo I painted and glued, and after I was satisfied with my composition, I let them dry. After they had dried, I took the glass frames that were off to the side, and gently put each frame back together. By doing this, I created three separate paintings all adorned with my wedding bouquet. I hung them up above my headboard to remind me of that very special day when I met the love of my life.

I am taking this moment now to share this with you so you too can create a memorable piece with your bouquet which I faced when I was in a function where I saw the djs lancaster pa. Hanging dried flowers up can look anywhere from nice, to eclectic but unfitting. Dried flowers also easily break and little pieces can fall onto your floor leaving you more housework. Putting your dried up bouquet in a vase is another idea, but then your entire home decor needs to be somewhat 1800’s chic.

Creating a painting with your bouquet will leave you extra space on your shelves. It is also a fun project you can do by yourself, with your kids, and or your husband. The results are rewarding, and most of all, you are preserving the flowers that you held on the day you said, ” I do.” Be sure to place your painting(s) in a place that you can look at them everyday, and enjoy them as you do your