Pie’s The Limit: A Great Pizza Place in Springfield

If you’re looking for a pizza lørenskog in Springfield which guarantees the best quality pizza possible, then one of the best is for sure, Pie’s The Limit. It’s a shop that’s dedicated to giving you fast options, but not without any compromise for the quality. The toppings are virtually unlimited, and they are all made to order and given out in front of you. It’s really about keeping the pizza fast, and of course fresh, with all of it easily ready in mere minutes.


They offer two kinds of pizzas, namely Specialty Pizzas, and those that you can build on your own. For the former, there are as many as 9 varieties, depending on what you want. Whether you’re into meat, or veggies, or even desert pizzas, they have a wide array of options for you. From classics to the fusions like Southern BBQ, Spicy Italian, or even some good old While Garlic! Indeed, there’s something for everyone. You also have the option to make your own pizza, picking your own sauce, cheese, and toppings of either veggies or meats.


There are different types of pastas and salads that you can choose from, apart from pizzas here at Pie’s The Limit. It’s your choice of Caesar, BLT, Southwestern, Chef, Side, or Italian for the Salads. Pizzas and Salads usually go well together, and this is also a great choice if you love to watch on your weight or at least, go light on the diet.


They offer Italian staples, and pasta is definitely one of them. Indeed, Pie’s The Limit is a company that manages to deliver, and their pasta does not fail to impress at all! It’s your choice on whether to get bow tie pasta and meatballs, carbonara, or basil pesto.