Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

I am not a Bond fan. I never was, but after watching Casino Royale a few weeks ago; if the next set of movies are as good as this I might become a fan. I think it had a fading mention of the agen casino online terpercaya which really caught my interest and attention at the same time. The character of James Bond has been in my opinion a misogynistic promiscuous player, who in the real world should be riddle with venereal diseases. His use of women, sex and alcohol is a bad example for young men (and women). Women are basically in the movie to provide eye candy and also to provide Bond with entertainment and sex while (and after) he saves the world. James Bond is the perfect bad boy. For some reason many women are attracted to those. I never will understand why. Dangerous situations and unsafe sex is not my cup of tea.

I must admit that all of this was going through my mind when I went to see the movie, but I was surprisingly impressed by the film. It has some of those misogynistic undertones, but thankfully he was called on it by a woman who is relatively a “Bond Girl”, but pretty much his equal (Eva Green as Vesper Lynd). She did a good job in standing her ground, yet be able to have a sense that she could be a woman for a man like Bond. SPOILER ALERT: I loved that he was able to open himself to real love and that in the end, even though she betrayed him, she wasn’t a full on bitch. She had mitigating reasons so is not like he has a true reason to be a women hater from this one experience.

This review is going to be brief. If you like Bond films then this is a great movie to continue to be a fan on. If you are Bond hater, give this movie a chance before you dismiss it. It has a lot of the elements that has always encapsulated what a Bond movie is about. There is action, there are sexy women, and there is cynical backtalk and something that all men love… gadgetry. Rich settings and rich looking people with beautiful faces and clothes are what attracted me the most I most admit with a laugh. There are a lot of plot holes that is for sure. The studios are marketing this as a restyling not a prequel (Casino Royale was the first Bond book), but it is a prequel and a restyling of the series.

Daniel Craig dubbed “the blond Bond” by critics, does a good job. I don’t understand why Bond can’t be blond. It is traditional for him to be tall and dark haired, but the color of hair shouldn’t be a factor in deciding if he does a good job as Bond or not. He did a good job in showing emotional content and at the same time have that “Bond quality” of coolness and charm. He is not hard and cynical all the time; he does show softness and care that is very unlike other Bond interpretations that I have seen. I recommend the film for the potential that this new restyling has for the future. One of my major gripes was the intro credits and song; they were both bad so I hope they work on that. I have thought and hoped that the Bond movies were going to be extinct soon. If the next Bond movies continue on this vein I believe that there should be Bond for at least another couple of generations to come.



Playstation 3 to Lose Playstation 2 Backwards Compatibility

Come this fall, the Playstation 3 will no longer have Playstation 2 backwards compatibility. In other words, new Playstation 3 units won’t be able to play Playstation 2 games. The Playstation 3 launched with the Playstation 2 backwards compatibility. The first patch of units, both the 20 GB and 60 GB, has the most compatibility. This is because those include the two main Playstation 2 chips: the Graphics Synthesizer and Emotion Engine. While it wasn’t perfect, the launch units play a majority of the Playstation 2 games (which totaled in the thousands).

Backwards compatibility with games from past consoles is important because they help save space for gamers that don’t want to hook up too many consoles on their television screens. Not to mention that the Playstation 3 can upscale Playstation 2 games on high-definition television sets. From a business point of view, backwards compatibility also assures that games from past consoles will reach new audiences.

Sony ran into trouble, however, given that the Playstation 3 wasn’t selling as well as it was projected. To solve this problem, they had to cut the price of the system. Since Sony was already losing hundreds of dollars for each single Playstation 3 sold, they needed to take some of the features out of the Playstation 3 in order for a price reduction. Thus, the Playstation 2 backwards compatibility feature went to the chopping block.

The 20 GB Playstation 3 unit was the first to be discontinued just several months after the system’s launch in November of 2006. The 60 GB Playstation 3 was next as Sony announced a price cut to clear out the remaining units later that summer.

Playstation 3 owners can still get Playstation 2 backwards compatibility though. At the same time that the 60 GB Playstation 3 price cut was announced, Sony also introduced the 80 GB unit. Unlike its predecessor, this new unit only contains the Graphics Synthesizer chip, with the Emotion Engine being emulated with software. As a result, the 80 GB Playstation 3’s backwards compatibility for Playstation 2 games were more limited than the launch units.

In fall of 2007, the 40 GB unit was introduced. This one lacks both Playstation 2 chips and, thus, isn’t compatible with any Playstation 2 games. Keep in mind that the 40 GB, and every other unit for that matter, is compatible with old PSOne games because PSOne backwards compatibility is completely software emulated. While software emulation is a possibility for Playstation 2 games, Sony hasn’t given any indications in doing so.

The 80 GB unit, currently bundled with the Dual Shock 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, is the last of its kind to feature backwards compatibility with Playstation 2 games.

All indications are that both the 40 GB and the bundled 80 GB unit will also be discontinued to make way for a brand new 80 GB unit with no backwards compatibility shown with poker qq online; as these internet based casino hospitality faculties are really great in terms of their customer preference odds. The current 80 GB bundle (which will probably be gone from store shelves in the fall) will be your last chance to get in on Playstation 2 backwards compatibility.


How To Make Sure Your Resume Is Ready For Use

To find a job, you’d probably opt to visit a local recruitment agency, an นำเข้าแรงงาน company, or go directly to possible employers looking for people to hire. Regardless, you must prepare an efficient resume for it. Thing is, most applicant use faulty resume which is certainly a problem.

As a Corporate Recruiter, it was interesting to see the quality of resumes on job websites such as, and Some were great, but some were shockingly awful. Because each company uses different software to organize incoming resumes, I could look past formatting errors, as frustrating as they were. However, typos and other “violators” still jumped off the page (or the screen if you will). Of course, you’ll proofread for typos before sending your resume but that’s only one example the “violators” previously mentioned.

Your Outgoing Voice mail Message

Your outgoing voice mail message should sound professional. Such as: “Hello, this is _______ and I appreciate your call. Please leave your name and number and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.” While recruiting, I found a good resume and I was eager to talk with the candidate, until I reached his voice mail. I couldn’t tell if he was attempting humor or if he considered himself a rising star in the rap music industry. It went something like this, “Yo yo, whaaaaaazzzz up, not me so leave a message.” I hung up the phone like it was on fire and moved on to the next resume. The message alone, showed a lack of professionalism. I’ll bet other recruiters followed my lead and passed on this candidate.

Your Email Address

Just as your outgoing voice mail message should show professionalism, your email address should be picked with care. Does ‘queendiva200@****.com’ make you picture someone who plays well with others? Or, can you see how the email address ‘toolsILIke3@ ****.edu’ is frustrating to read and to type for recruiters? The letters “T” “L” “I” and the number “1” are terribly confusing when so close together. So, keep in mind the ease of use when constructing your email address. If you have to look twice at your email address to make sure it’s correct, so will others.

There are many free email sites available; or Use a separate email account for only your job search. By separating your personal email from business, you’ll stay organized during your job search. The easiest place to start is just your first and last name. If your name is taken already, add a number at the end of the address.


Even best selling authors have their work proofread by several people, no matter what. To insure the quality of your resume, have someone else read it. You’re too intimate with your resume and it’s easy to miss a typo that will surely scream out at another. Trade with someone else who is job searching or even a neighbor.

After your initial draft and before proofing, step away from your resume for 24 hours or more, if possible. You’ll spot errors more easily after you’ve been away from the material.

Electronic copies of your resume

You’re done and ready to send your resume into Cyber land. I recommend that you save two copies because some companies require you to remove all formatting from your resume. If the company gives any instructions on formatting it is kindly appreciated by the recruiter when you follow them.

After you’ve sent your resume

Once you send your resume to a company, bookmark their website or add it to your favorites list. When they call, and they will, you can pull up the site quickly; even while on the phone with the recruiter. From a recruiter’s point of view, when you mention something on the website which led you to apply, it shows your interest in the company and the position.

The reason you took the time to follow these concepts

By applying these concepts you’ve shown the following; your professionalism, ability to follow directions and your level of interest. Sounds like a good foundation to me!

All my best to you on a smooth and profitable job search.

Arts and Entertainment

Reconstructing Hollywood: Why so Many Remakes?

Half of the movies I’ve seen lately have been re-makes of old, sometimes obscure, classics. I have come across most of these movies on ilgeniodellostreaming, which is an excellent platform to watch most of these movies. The only reason I know this is that, secretly, I scour the “classics” section of video stores and frequently check to see what’s playing on TMC. I can’t help it – to me, it seems that many movies from that long-ago era were just a lot better than some of the crap coming into theatres today.

Allow me to elaborate. Just recently, in August 2006, the new Disney movie The Shaggy Dog, starring Tim Allen in the title role, was released to video. This is a remake of a Disney movie. How sad is that, really? Over the years, Disney has produced an astounding number of fabulous theatrical releases. But lately, they just keep reaching into the vault and remaking all our old faves. Disney has also remade The Absentminded Professor,Herbie: The Love Bug, The Nutty Professor, and Dr. Doolittle in recent years. Write a new live-action script, guys. I mean, what’s next, a remake of Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang?

Some remakes I’ve seen have been excellent, such as The Stepford Wives. Featuring a new ending that differs from the original, I thought this movie was quite well-done. Some movies, however, were done so perfectly the first time around it’s hard to imagine they could ever be made better. Take, for instance, Planet of the Apes. Now, I loved the Charleton Heston version of that movie. When I heard that Mark Wahlberg was to be in the remake, I said, “Well, naturally. He has the face for it.” Then I found out that he wasn’t going to be playing an ape. Are you kidding me? Frankly, I miss Heston.

The Bad News Bears was also re-made, and while I don’t dare dispute the acting talents of Billy Bob Thornton, let’s face the fact that he’s no Walter Matthau. Sorry, but I’m not interested. Today’s DVD age makes it possible to bring any classic out of the closet, completely colorized, and enjoy it again. Why bother to remake perfection, I ask you?

The 39 Steps, for instance, a Hitchcock film. I’m completely averse to remaking any Hitchcock film, and I’ll tell you why: it’s Hitchcock! It’s perfect. Leave it alone. Does anybody remember that tragedy of Psycho remake? ‘Nuff said.

Other bone-chilling horror movies that have been or are being remade include When a Stranger Calls, The Omen, Creature from the Black Lagoon (yes, seriously), and Halloween. Of all these, it is Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween that I dispute the most. The original was created by a master of horror, John Carpenter, it stars Jamie Lee Curtis in one of her first leading roles, and it was bloody great! And you can still rent the original at any video store in the country.

Why so many remakes? Is Hollywood actually running out of ideas, or are they trying to bring old movies to a new generation? I have a better way to bring old movies to a new generation – open your film vault and digitally re-design your old film. Release it on DVD. We’ll all rush to buy. You don’t have to rush into remaking.


SSX Snowboading Game Review

The latest and greatest snowboarding video game installment is none other then SSX by EA Sports. The game triumphs as one of the most anticipated and best selling games of 2012. The game’s success is due to the plethora of new features and excellent new game play. The game has much to offer and it’s key points are listed below.

  1. Replay Value/Multiplayer/RiderNet

The game comes paired with an extremely social, competitive, and creative online multiplayer experience. The game allows you and your friends to compete with one another even when only one of you is online. Not only does it post your score or time to the levels scoreboard, but it actually saves a “ghost” of your best run to the level for your friends to race against regardless whether you are online or not. This provides a constant competitive nature to the game that you and your friends can enjoy.

Ridernet also provides online tournaments that players can easily drop in or drop out of. For example you can join an online tournament whenever you wish and place a good score and leave. You do not have to be there when it starts, or when it ends, to have your score entered into the competition. High placing scores are rewarded with in game credits, which can be used to purchase improved gear or unlock levels to play on. Even after you have conquered the globe on the great single player experience “World Tour,” you still have excellent replay value with the games multiplayer experience.

An entirely new feature in the game is the ability to place Geotags throughout all the levels at whatever location you can possibly reach or find. These Geotags are glowing orbs that earn you credits with each run it is not collected by another player. Hiding them from your friends and attempting to collect them is loads of fun and is quite rewarding.

  1. Gameplay

Even with insane, often times ridiculous, stunts that the game allows you to pull off, the mechanics and feel of it all is quite clean cut. Prewinding spins and flips with the left thumbstick gives the insane trick a feel of realism as you propel into the air spinning. This accompanied by the games great sound effects, not to mention that satisfying thump as you stomp the landing, really makes the jump feel like an accomplishment. I myself was not a fan of the SSX series, until recently, due to lack of realism in the game. But now, even though the tricks (when in “Super Tricky”) are impossible, the game really makes up for it in my book by providing great accompanying sound effects, five star graphics and clean cut mechanics.

The game rewards you for your stunts by filling your boost or “tricky” meter. Boosting is a good way to shorten your run time when racing and therefore makes tricking, even while racing, worthwhile. If your boost meter becomes full it enables “tricky.” When this mode is active it allows you to pull off various one foot grabs and grinds as well as providing temporary unlimited boost. The game takes it a step further with “Super Tricky,” this mode allows players to perform no footed grabs, flips and grinds as well as enabling the performing of the characters signature trick. These different stages of shredding reward players for good performance on the course.

Last but not least is the rewind feature. This feature allows you to go back in time, up to 15 seconds, and correct your mistake for a minor penalty. No longer will you have to throw your controller in rage as your character falls to their death off the side of a cliff. All you have to do is hold the left bumper, correct your course, and game on. Penalties for using a rewind include, point reduction if in a tricking run, falling behind, if in a race, and using one of your precious three available rewinds, if in survival mode. I find this one of my favorite features as it keeps the frustration out of the game.

  1. Customization

Although character customization is limited to the games existing characters, the game has many different options for each of them. Hundreds of unlockable suits, armor, oxygen tanks, wingsuits, headlamps and more are all purchased with in game credits. Good performance in the game is rewarded with these credits.The better you get, the richer you become.

Customization is fairly limited in my opinion, the game doesn’t allow for custom graphics on the boards or suits. Also, the ability to create your own unique rider would have made the game better in my opinion. However, even though there is no user created design options, the game has many different options for character appearance. Unfortunately they are all presets, but there is a great variety of them and it is unlikely that another players character will look just like yours.

  1. Overall

The game lacks in customization but really makes up for that in it’s great gameplay and replay value. Ridernet paired with the ability to place Geotags will keep the game interesting long after you have completed the single player experience. It’s an addicting and well produced game that will stay popular for quite some time. This game is well worth the money to buy.

To sum up, ssx snowboading is entertainment at its best and has to be seen to be believed and there can’t be a better thrilling experience than ssx to give you a good dose of euphoria so as to forget your troubles for the time being and is also a huge change of shift in the context of genres and a useful one at that, compared to wasting time surfing various Situs Judi Online to pastime gambling.


How to Compare Mortgage Rates and credit score of the financial institutions

People worldwide can now fulfill their dreams of owning a home without going through the financial hassle. Buying a home for the first time is tricky and you need to know how to make the right decisions without ending up frustrated. Many mortgage loans exist and each one of them has their own pros and cons. The smartest choice would be to first understand your financial options then find a way to compare mortgage rates available. Basically, there are two types of home mortgages depending on the interest rate; there’s the fixed rate mortgage and the adjustable rate mortgage. With a fixed rate mortgage, the interest charged throughout the term remains constant. This is the main benefit of using this type of mortgage; there are no unexpected changes along the way.


With the adjustable rate mortgage however, the interest charged will change at specified time intervals. If you’re looking to take out this type of loan, you will be required to be financially stable, since it may change gradually with time. The Omalaina kirjaudu will first do the comparison of the bank rates and then provide application of loan to the applicant. 

The first thing you’ll need to know when you want to compare mortgage rates is the pros and cons of each. For the fixed rate mortgage one of its advantages is that it protects you from rising interest rates, since it remains constant for long, you may not feel the crunch of having to cough up more money. Secondly no matter how much the base interest rate changes, the interest you pay will remain unchanged for that period of time. And lastly, it enables you to plan your budget as you know exactly how you’ll need to pay monthly. The disadvantages however lie in the fact that when interest rates go down you won’t be able to enjoy them as you’re stuck with yours for some time. Fixed rates also charge a higher fee which is quite expensive.

Adjustable mortgage rates have their own advantages and disadvantages too. The upside is almost the opposite of the fixed rate mortgage. On the one hand, with an adjustable rate mortgage, the introduction rate is much lower than the fixed rate. Secondly, it is easy to take advantage of falling interest rates as you can easily change. The downside is that the payments made can often be unpredictable. This causes disruption to some as they can’t keep a regular budget. Also in the long run, adjustable mortgage rates may end up being more costly than the fixed mortgage rate. The common mistake people make is to compare mortgage rates by looking at the price of the interest charged. This is quite misleading and may end up costing money.


The best way to Compare Mortgage Rates is to shop around a lot until you find one that suits your personal needs.


The pros and cons of buying the composite decking!!!

Buying a deck can be difficult for a person because one has to invest a lot of time in analyzing the material.  You should opt for a natural wood that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It is a fantastic material that is available in a variety of colors. So many companies are out there that are making the use of recycled materials.

 If possible, then one should invest money in the environmentally friendly material that is better than others.  Two types of best materials are out there like wood and composite, but composite decking is better than others because it is environmentally friendly. If you are looking for durable material, then one should invest money in the composite decking that is better than others. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the composite decking.

Advantages of composite decking 

  • Less maintenance 

If you are looking for the best material, then one should invest money in the natural feed that is offering a genuine feel. You will not have to paint the wood regularly. Such incredible material is available in a variety of colors.

  • Recycled material 

Plenty of companies are out there that are making the use of recycled material that is proven to be great than others. Make sure that you are choosing a deck that is manufactured using a synthetic material.

The disadvantage of composite decking

  • Composite isn’t natural 

Composite decking isn’t maintenance-free material.  All you need to weep the leaves and essential debris as well. 

  • Expensive 

According to the professionals, composite decking is relatively more expensive than others. 

Moving further, before purchasing any deck, one should invest a considerable amount of time in the comparison. All you need to opt for a durable material that will last for so many years.

Social Media

Three Social Media Sites to Assist in Your Job Search

Let’s face it. The job market is scary, incredibly scary. One manager swap or client upset, and you will see coworker’s bodies fly out the door like the battle with Sauron in the opening scene to Lord of the Rings. These are frightening times, but we are not helpless in our job search. Thankfully, there are a number of tools at our disposal to assist in our job search, to prevent that dreaded employment gap. Here is a list of a few that have been helpful for me:

Gist: Gist may not appear to be helpful, but do not write it off yet. At first glance, you may find it impressive that compiles your “most important” contact’s activities, but that is not its best ability. Gist is a bird dog for information about your contacts. For example, let us say that a recruiter just contacted you and you add them to your Outlook contact list. Gist will scour the Internet for information about that recruiter, including social media sites, blogs, and other important data. This means that Gist may find a twitter feed that this recruiter uses to tweet about immediate job postings before they reach sites like Monster and Careerbuilder. That little bit of info could give you the edge you have been looking for in the job search.

VisualCV: For those of us who think that perfect resume is nothing but non-distracting text may not like this site at all. Visual CV is not ADD-friendly at all. The site provides a way to build a website around selling you to future employers, including profile photos, portfolio links, and ways to show off your latest degree or award. You can configure the design of the site however you wish, but this does not mean that you have to be an expert web designer. VisualCV provides enough profile templates to help novices build a great site. VisualCV is perfect if you are in a visually based industry, such as the arts or have the ability to provide graphs and charts showing your performance. Those who do not wish to have such a visually active profile may opt for the next site listed.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is quickly becoming a Facebook for those in the IT field. With LinkedIn, you can list everything that you would normally list on your resume and make it public. This way, employers can find you easily and know the basics before contacting you. In addition, LinkedIn provides a way for you to blog about your current activities. In other words, your employers will not only see your resume, but also see your latest award gained at work, what your career plans are, or how you are increasing your knowledge in your field. All of these are great things, but the power behind LinkedIn is how your contacts tie you into the HR managers in the companies you wish to apply. Using LinkedIn, you can gather your army of coworkers and friends as advocates, giving them an opportunity to recommend you to your future employer.

In addition to using social media outlets such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook to build your personal brand, the sites listed here will assist in your job search. You can also get followers on instagram and look for professionals or pages related to job search. This will give you more chances of getting to the network that you prefer. Each provides a way either to keep contact with your friends in higher places or to sell your abilities to the masses. With these tools, you will never have to follow Anna Chapman’s footsteps and use racy photos to get the job you want (Biddle, 2010). 


JFC Movie Review: Biutiful

Starring: Javier Bardem, Maricel Alvarez Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

To we moviegoers, “plotless” is usually a four-letter word. But though we’re less than two months into the new year, the better pictures I’ve viewed so far haven’t necessarily been about having a plot as much as being a gritty testament to the human spirit. Biutiful joins Another Year and The Way Back in such company.

These days, movies are of such quality that there is less attention given to the plot and premise and the emphasis is more on music and romance, but biutiful is an exception in this regard as it has highlighted societal problems like racism in a commendable manner and all actors have done a wonderful job in portraying their characters. We can only hope that it would come out sooner than later on cyberflix tv and allow the larger audience to enjoy it. Now, let’s get back to the review of this film.

Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, Biutiful is told from the perspective of Uxbal (Javier Bardem), a hound-faced low-level criminal living in a racially-mixed Barcelona slum, and who has quite a few issues on his plate. He’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer – which has him regularly urinating blood – and is separated from his bipolar wife (Maricel Alvarez), who, to add insult to injury, is shacking up with his brother. While Uxbal cares for his two young children in less than stellar conditions, he tries to do likewise to a group of undocumented Chinese sweatshop workers harbored inside a warehouse, who make knockoff handbags that are sold by African street vendors. And then there’s the regular forking over of hush money to the police on the side.

All this with the unshakable shadow of death constantly looming overhead like a cloud, ready to douse any last feelings of happiness during his final days.

Receiving a Best Actor Oscar nomination – which, unfortunately, he won’t win – for his magnificent performance, Bardem makes his character sympathetic without being heavy-handed, that it often overshadows his shady dealings. Lest we forget, Uxbal is no angel by any means. But it doesn’t matter at all, due to the effortless grace in which he portrays the disheveled protagonist who realizes that being a do-gooder in a bad world is pretty much impossible. Compare that to the other new release, The Mechanic, in which we were given a standard Good Guy in which any semblance of emotional investment was nonexistent.

The consequences of Uxbal’s efforts are often disastrous. This eventually comes to a head in an astonishing scene where you will immediately realize what has happened but it won’t lessen its impact. It’s that powerful that exercising restraint in describing it in depth is proving most tenuous.

Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography illustrates the tension of the characters; besides the typical shaky handhelds during heated dialogue exchanges, we also feel a character’s sense of panic as he rapidly paces back and forth. When Uxbal and his estranged wife fight at home over custody of their young son, we watch from a distance alongside his distressed ten-year-old sister. He also treats the bleak Barcelona urban landscape like another actor, capturing its persistently foreboding mood without the aid of a dominant score, especially during a breathtaking segment of a lengthy foot chase in which the African hustlers unsuccessfully attempt to evade arrest by pursuing police officers. Prieto often dishes up reminders that this definitely isn’t your touristy Barcelona; for instance, the camera lingers on a nondescript homeless man sleeping in an alley outside Uxbal’s apartment building.

As Uxbal plods through the nighttime neon jungle, bizarre tinnitus-like sounds combine with blurs of fluorescent light as his disease slowly continues to erode his senses, while a nightclub is completely swathed in a sea of psychedelic aquamarine light, complete with strippers sporting prosthetic breasts on their backsides.

Not only is the film overlong at two and a half hours, but Inarritu often makes the mistake of shifting the spotlight from Uxbal to other supporting characters, such as a homosexual relationship between a Chinese sweatshop overseer and his partner, which felt added in the name of shock value. There’s also a brief subplot involving a kind-hearted Senegalese woman, Ige (Diaryatou Daff), whose hustler son is facing deportation; she later serves as a nanny for Uxbal’s children for extra cash. Biutiful is completely Bardem’s film that I didn’t want it to be shared with anybody else.

If it feels like I’ve dwelt on Bardem a little too much in this review, I apologize. Such is his indelibility that without his presence, Biutiful would still be a formidable crime drama, but you still sense that something would be missing. Despite my nitpicking, it stands as a testament to Inarritu’s crisp direction – here aided by fellow Latin film heavyweights Alfonso Cuaròn and Guillermo del Toro – that he lays out his entire deck without fooling us with any false glamour all too prevalent in this genre. No fancy suits, no expensive cars, mind-numbing shootouts or cheap one-liners. Just the ugly final chapter in the life of an unexceptional man mired in an ugly trade in his ugly everyday surroundings. And what a biutiful tale it is.


Analysis of American History X

American History X is a powerful movie in any right made more powerful by choices that director Tony Kaye made for the movie. Kaye takes the reader from a range of emotions from hate and disgust to genuine hope for Derek and his family. He also makes us understand how racism and prejudice are taught on a daily basis by seemingly harmless comments. Then, this emotion can become twisted when someone becomes vengeful over the circumstances of his life. The basic plot of a white supremist who ends up turning his life around although too late for his little brother is made even more powerful by choices in music, cinematography effects, and writing.

The music choices are particularly powerful and lend themselves to the theme of the movie. The very first song called American History X is rather a haunting hymnal-type song and opens up the movie with an ominous scene of a beach and the tide ebbing and falling. Most of the music is of a classical, hymnal type without lyrics. This makes the dramatic scenes all the more dramatic. The songs either make a triumphant statement on the spirit and lift one’s spirits just by hearing the music or they emphasize the extreme danger of the thinking involved. For example, the song called “The Right Questions” is very dramatic and lifting as to show that Derek and Danny are learning to ask the right questions and not follow Cameron unflinchingly. They are learning how to question what they are told and think for themselves. “We Are Not Enemies” is such a beautiful and powerful song. It makes a person feel strong just listening to it. And the ending called “Benedictus” could move someone to tears by listening and fits well since it symbolizes Danny’s tragic and meaningless death. The only song with lyrics in the whole movie is the white supremist, piece of trash song that is playing while Derek’s ex-friend is driving down the road. This song is full of absolutely hateful epithets and allows the viewer to see the extreme violence and hateful nature of this entire way of life.

The effects of cinematography are particularly powerful as well. The most powerful effect of the movie is the telling of various parts in alternating black and white with color sections. The movie begins with the murder that sends Derek to jail. As the movie goes on, the viewer is then told the rest of the story about how he got to that point through the flashback technique with all scenes in black and white. Derek is, at that point, a white supremist, and his view of the world is very narrow. When the movie flashes back to what Derek experiences in prison and how he changes as result of this experience, the scenes are in color. Derek literally transforms before the viewer’s eyes and begins to look at life from a less “black and white perspective.” His viewpoint opens up and he realizes that the very narrow way that he lived was wrong. Nothing is as simple as it first appeared. People are not bad or good based on color. He realizes that life is about content, not color, and he can no longer abide by his old beliefs. The beginning and ending of the movie are also made more powerful by shots of the beach with the tide rising and falling as life does. These shots show that life goes on no matter what and the actions that are taken are unable to be taken back.

The last factor that makes this movie fantastic is the costuming or in some cases the lack of costuming has been solved all by megashare9 custom scene dresses that eventually saved the pack-up of shoot. The crudeness and coarseness of the characters is shown by all the scenes where men don’t wear shirts and their tattoos are prominent. In the scene where Derek kills the black man, he is in nothing but boxers and his swastika tattoo is prominent. Later, as the movie turns to color, the viewer sees the swastika less and less. In one scene, Derek looks in the mirror after a shower and takes his hand and puts it over the tattoo to give us our first glimpse of what he might look like as a “normal” person. Then, the viewer sees him in street clothes rather than the “goth” look of the other white supremacist. The slide that Derek’s family takes after the death of his father is also shown in the way the family dresses and appears. This is crucial because after his father dies, he is much more susceptible to the views of the group of white supremacist. The contrast between the “average” family and Derek’s family is clearly shown through dress.

By the use of music, effects of cinematography, and costuming, the main ideas of American History X are powerfully underscored. Tony Kaye makes some powerful choices in this movie to show how someone’s mind becomes so warped with hatred as to become prey to the white supremist groups out there. Amazingly, Kaye takes Derek who has committed this deplorable act, and the viewer ends up likening him and rooting for him. The movie ends by showing the viewer what a useless emotion hate is.