Overview Of Online Gaming- Major Drawbacks And Benefits

Just like there is a good side and a bad side to every story, there are benefits of online gaming as well as disadvantages. Online games as the name suggests are available 24/7 for a user’s need. For gamers, it is a boon and usually for their parents it is a bane. Some plus points and negatives of online gaming are discussed below

Major AdvantagesOf Online Gaming

Hand and eye coordination: The mental simulation helps in coordinating muscles and eye movements.

Betterment of problem-solving skills: Online games improve problem solving skills as rules and regulations are involved in games.

Memory enhancement: Memory is improved through online gaming for both short term and long term.

Other skills: Online gaming helps in sharpening other skills like creative skills and multi-tasking skills.

Social presence: Online gaming helps a person to develop much needed social skills and make new friends easily.

Counterparts: Online counterparts of real-life games are sometimes better as they offer better scenarios and chances of winning. For example, poker online is much preferred as players do not get intimidated by other players while sitting behind a screen.

Disadvantages of Online Gaming

Security concerns: Online games may not be safe and may lead to viruses being ejected into computers of online players.

Fraud: Some online games in which money needs to be bet may be a scam and end up taking one’s money.

Addiction: Since online games are readily available many players might get addicted to these and end up losing precious time on the internet. People who place bets on poker online games should definitely keep their playing habits in check and avoid addiction to the games, so that they do not lose their assets or money on these.

It is in the player’s hand how they want to perceive and enjoy online gaming. In the end, one must always remember that everything in excess is bad and act accordingly.