Order of Winning Poker Hands

From Texas Hold ‘Em to Seven Card Draw to Five Card Stud, no matter what kind of poker you are playing the order of winning hands does not change. Here is a guide to the basics of playing poker and the card hands that will help you win whether online like situs judi online terpercaya or in an actual game setting.

Royal Flush: A royal flush is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of all royal cards (i.e. jack, king, queen ace) and the ten card of the same suit. So it can be any suit (diamonds, spades, clubs or hearts) and runs from 10 to Ace. Refer to Diagram 1.

Straight Flush: Like the royal flush, the straight flush is all the same suit but it can be any run of five cards. For example, you can have 2-6 of hearts or 5-9 of spades. As long as it is the same suit and it has a run of five consecutive cards. Refer to Diagram 1.

Four of a Kind: This hand is pretty self-explanatory but it is hard to get. It is the same card in all four suits. It can be anything from 2-Ace. Refer to Diagram 2.

Full House: This hand consists of a three of a kind and a pair. It can be any card as long as it’s three of one kind and a pair of another kind. Refer to Diagram 3.

lush: A flush is always going to be the same suit, whether it’s a straight flush, a royal flush or a plain flush. A flush is any five face value in the same suit. You can have 2, 7, 10, Jack and Ace in diamonds in a flush. The cards do not have to be consecutive. Refer to Diagram 1.

Straight: A straight is like the straight flush. It has to be five consecutive cards but unlike the straight flush, the cards do not have to be the same suit. It can have all four suits as long as the cards are consecutive. Refer to Diagram 4.

Three of a Kind: Up till now, the card hands have used all five cards but in three of a kind you will have two extra cards that have little to do with the hand. A three of a kind is just that, three of the same face value but not of the same suit. Refer to Diagram 2.

Two Pairs: Once again, this card hand is pretty self-explanatory. It uses four of the cards in your hand and consists of two different pairs. Refer to Diagram 5.

Pair: A pair only uses two of the cards in your hand and has two cards with the same value but different suit. Refer to Diagram 2.

High Card: This hand is what you use in a round if no one gets any of the other hands. It’s simple, the person with the highest card wins. The suit does not matter in this hand.

Now while these are the hands in any poker game, some poker games use wild cards such as jokers or they use one of the cards in a regular deck. If that’s the case, then just follow the wild card rules of that particular game and the poker hands listed above will still work for you. Enjoy!