Official Nintendo DS XL Travel Case: Available Online or at Electronics Stores

If you have a Nintendo DS XL, you realize the improvements over the original model. The screen size, quality of materials, and sound levels have all been greatly enhanced. It is certainly a lot bigger than the first DS, with its two rather large double screen capabilities, and requires a different carrying case. For a week I researched numerous cases, and you can purchase either a Nintendo manufactured one, or get an “after market product.” A lot of times the after market models are cheaper, and offer the same options that the one from the parent company has. After looking at the “pro’s and cons” of each model, I decided to purchase the Nintendo XL507 travel case. At $14.99 its moderately priced, and has a number of features that make it useful. A similar version of Bandarqq can also be found on this platform.

While its obvious that the XL can take a lot more abuse, than the original model, you don’t want to drop it. You don’t want to take it on road trips or traveling without having it protected by a carrying case. The Nintendo XL507 shines in its ability to offer protection from bumps and movement, as this case has a lot more padding than any comparable one. In addition to the padding, which is quite extensive, there’s a molded plastic cradle where you DS XL locks into place. While it can be a bit difficult to get out, this guarantees that your video game console will stay in place no matter what, further reducing the likelihood that it will damaged from impacts that are easily achieved while transporting. The clear plastic is strong, and will not bend at all.

The zipper handle says Nintendo DS, and you can create a tight seal with it. The teeth are of high quality, so it will be able to be opened and closed hundreds if not thousands of times. There’s also a zipper on the back compartment, which is a small area that allows you to store games, but there’s not a lot of room back there. That is a minor disappointment, because this pocket will not allow you to fit the AC plug in there. That has to go on top of the DS in the main compartment, and it barely fits. Thankfully, the small back pocket allows you to fit five to seven games with ease, and perhaps an extra small stylus or two. A large stylus will slide right into a holder in the main compartment.

The quality of materials is above average, and I like the canvas used on all sides of this container. You can select different colors, so as to match the color of your DS XL unit, or just have one that you particularly like. This storage device does come with a caribiner, that’s of cheap quality, so be careful if you want to attach this to a belt loop. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are sitting in a prone position for awhile, because it is made with cheap plastic rather than metal. Its also not that strong in its grip either, so don’t consider it an option for long term transport if walking or biking around. The black color is painted with low grade materials as well, and shows scraping marks from just regular use.

This is a good product though, and aside from that, I’d fully recommend it. It will easily fit in a small backpack or luggage if flying, and is a fine way to keep your favorite electronics toy besides you at all times. You can find this carrying case at brick and mortar stores or on line, and it is an officially licensed Nintendo product. Its been useful in my day to day travels, and I like how it looks as well. This case is user friendly, and is a great way to make sure that your expensive toy doesn’t suffer from any damage while using it on road trips or on a plane. After careful consideration, I can say that while it isn’t perfect, its the best carrying case yet for the DS XL.