Offering Your Own Discount Codes

Most of the successful online shopping and merchants offer their own discount codes to attract more customers. Surveys have proved that your online customer base can increase by almost 20% if you can offer the right kind of discounts by the means of promo code .Today we will discuss the pros and cons of offering your own discount codes for your online shop or website. We will also discuss some of the most effective ways you can use discount codes to attract more people to your site.


Easy and quick process


Offering your own discount codes is not a complicated process, you just have to implement the option of adding promo codes during checkout in your site and you are good to go. Just release the discount codes to the internet once you have done the previous step

Increased customer satisfaction

The customers are always happy if they get good discounts when they are doing their shopping. So if your customers are happy and fully satisfied, it is very obvious they will come again to visit your site.

Increased customer base

As mentioned in the previous point, if your customers are happy with the discount they get from your website, they will come again to visit it. Such customers also have a tendency to tell their family and friends about the sites they got a good discount from because who wouldn’t want to save money while shopping.


Decreased profits in some cases

Offering discounts can be a very tricky business if you do not understand the maths behind it. You have to make sure you do not offer too much discount or else can in result in a loss for you.


Brand Image

Your shop will lose it’s value if you offer too much discounts. You will have to make sure you maintain the standards of your products as quality is the most important thing to be careful of.


Free Gift Discount – Using this type of discount, the customer will get a free gift along with it’s purchase.

Free Shipping Discount – Using this type of discount, you will have to offer free shipping for the customer.

Normal Discount – This type of discount gives the customer a percentage of money back to him.

Buy 1 Get 1 free Discount- As the name suggests , you will have to sell two items at the price of one.

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