Modafinil- Educate Yourself For Better Use

Is it possible to learn about each and every topic available in the world? Is there any person in existence who has claimed that he/she knows everything and there is nothing more left to learn?

In a word, no and that is simply because an individual gets to learn about new things at every phase in life and keeps on learning and understanding till his last breath. Those who claim to know everything about everything in the world are either lying or completely delusional.

Education is the popular keyword to success but it does not necessarily mean that being educated endows you with good culture and ethics as you can find numerous examples of terrorists who are quite educated and yet have used this knowledge to harm and kill innocent people in the form of attacks, 9/11 being one such example.

New Approach

There is a new topic that has been doing rounds for people who are interested in studying medicine and it is called modafinil. It is essentially a tablet or drug that can be considered a good remedy for insomnia.

People are deprived of good night’s sleep a lot in current times and modafinil has proved to be of great help in this regard. But it is quite harmful if taken in excess so one must study well about the topic so as to avoid hap hazards of such kind.

A popular generic form of modafinil is provigil and the dose that doctors normally recommend is 150 mg per day and never to exceed 500 mg. So this is a new approach to get to know the drug better.

Also, you need to take care to avoid side effects like nausea, nervousness, euphoria, mood swing, etc. as it has been found that excessive intake damages the system beyond repair and an overdose can also result in death.