MKV To MP4 Converter: The Best For The Job

Mkv to MP4 converter is a chrome addon that can be added to chrome from here. There are many other online converters, some people convert mkv to mp4 from cloud convert which is also a very great tool but this tool is no less amazing and here are a few reasons why.

This tool has very small size

Most of the other conversion tools take comparatively more space on your computer but this tool is just 9.4 KB in size, it takes next to no space.

This tool is compatible on all devices

Since this is a Chrome addon it will work on all computers with Google Chrome. No special specifications or high-end hardware are required to run this addon and it will work smoothly on almost all devices.

This tool is super easy to use

This tool is super easy to use. You just have to drag your mkv file from its folder and then drop it into the addon’s page. You can also browse through your files to choose your mkv file.

This tool saves time

With this tool, converting videos in mkv format can be converted into a mp4 format in a matter of seconds. You just need to click a few times and the addon takes care of the rest of the job.

You can access it from anywhere

After you drag your mkv file, drop it to the addon and proceed with conversion the converted file is downloadable and its link is useable for 24 hours. This means you can use this link to access this converted video from anywhere or even send it your friends, just copy the link and open it in whichever computer you want.

Its size, speed, compatibility and accessibility make this tool perfect for converting .mkv videos to .mp4 videos.