Magic Spells That Really Work

From the very starting and origin of the mankind one thing that has been persistent and inevitable is “MAGIC”, the word itself generates a feeling of mysteriousness and creates some serious impact. Spells, charms, invocations, summoning are some of the\ words that you may have come across in association with magic. Actually magic has different meaning for everyone for a child it may be something amusing, for a teen it may be a adrenaline pumping and risky job, for an adult/mature it may be a serious threat or problem.

Magic is basically the method to turn you desires into reality by performing certain rituals, practices on the rightful manner.


Some basic type of Magic Spells are:-

  • Black Magic: Destructive Magic Spells
  • White Magic: Helpful Magic Spells.
  • Purple Magic: Power Enhancing Magic Spells.
  • Red Magic: Love Spells and Sex Magic.
  • Green Magic: Money-Making Magic Spells.

Although people due to advancements in science and knowledge people now widely disbelieve these sort of things and consider them as outdated and orthodox beliefs but there are spells that are believed to be working effectively if casted correctly…..are you ready to get hypnotised !

Casting ‘A Love Spell’

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pencil
  • 3 Candles (Pink coloured)
  • Your Blood(Fresh) only that much to die out the candle.
  • Focus
  • Paper
  • 2 Heart Shaped Rose Petals
  • Heart Shaped Locket
  • Lighter or Match

This spell should be practised on Friday at morning or evening time , that’s when the Goddess Venus is most present. Placing one candle to your left, right, and one in front. Light them. Write the full name of your crush on the piece of paper. Burn the 2 rose petals with the paper having name on it . As you are burning it, envision him/her in your mind and chant: “Let this man or woman love me as much as I love him or her;I shall give my life, soul, and love for (Crushes Name).” After burning is complete, put the ashes in the locket and wear it around your neck. Remember to die out the candles with your fresh blood only.

Casting an ‘Happiness Spell’

You will need the following items for this spell:

Chant the following:

Happiness and Joy Come into my Life
Away with anger, Stress and Strife
I am happy, I am free No more negativity.

This spell will bring you a sense of well being and positivity and will make your life a lot  more happier….

Casting ‘Negativity Away Spell’

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 match
  • Outside
  • 1 Bowl of Water
  • 1 white candle.
  • 1 rock


Elements of 4 I plea to thee to take this negativity away from me.

(Light the candle using matchstick) Fire burn away this negativity.

(Put the bowl of water adjacent to candle) Water help flow it away.

(Put the rock beside water) rock harden my positive make it more.

(then Look towards the sky) Air help blow away the negativity so I can say goodbye.

These were some of the spells that work effectively and could change your life for good……

For knowing more about spells that work please visit the following and remember one thing, try them at your own risk!!!


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