Is It Possible To Be Addicted To Marijuana?

Millions of people are using marijuana around the world. If you look closely then you will find that marijuana brings a host of different benefits to the human body. It can be used for various medicinal purpose and we can really benefit from it. Several people use marijuana without getting addicted to it but that is not the case for everyone. Yes. One can get addicted to marijuana if they use it more frequently than they are supposed to. How is that possible? Let us have a look at that.

Why people get addicted to marijuana?

The addiction of marijuana is often termed as “marijuana use disorder”. The use of regular marijuana without any regulatory measures can lead to serious addiction. It is the phase when a person cannot stop using the drug even if it is seriously affecting several aspects of their lifestyle. But why do people get addicted to it? The causes are many. The most important reason why people get addicted to it is because marijuana helps them provides them with a satisfying experience and allows their mind to remain calm.

Many people use it as an element of stree buster that helps them to deal with everyday anxiety and depression or any other emotional stress. As they start enjoying the effects of marijuana, they become addicted to it and as a result, they suffer from “marijuana use disorder”.

Study shows that at least 9-10% of the people do get addicted tk regular usage of marijuana. They become massively dependent on the drug in order to lead a peaceful and satisfying lifestyle. In 2015, around 4 million people were diagnosed with this disorder and the numbers tend to rise every year.

Final Words 

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