Insights Into Failed Pregnancies

When one has made preparations and are all set to conceive, you actually cannot wait for it to happen. Well getting too impatient and losing sleep over it is not the solution to it. As we all know good things of course take time to happen. There are more than the obvious reasons that should be taken into consideration to maximize the chances of getting pregnant with your partner.

Seeking medical advice and help is always the wisest thing to do. Proper checkups and advices should always be entertained. One has to learn and get all doubts cleared by a proper gynecologist with him or her focusing on the food intake and to check that you are devoid of medical discrepancies. If there are any medical problems they need to be cured or brought under medication before you conceive. So non riesco a rimanere incinta?

Every woman has her own cycle so you need to individually understand your cycle. It is quite known to all that the ovulation period is the optimum period to conceive. There are scores of such ovulation aids in the stores that tell you the right time to become pregnant by your partner. Where you will find most of the people advising certain sex positions to be the most important factors to a successful pregnancy but there is no real scientific fact to agree upon this. This is a very debatable topic as it varies from individual to individual and couples to couples and is a prime question of privacy and comfort. Well having said that, you should not be having sex all the time just because you have to get pregnant. This harms your man’s sperm count too and his ejaculation power. It is always good to take time and space your togetherness.

The underlying reasons


There are many reasons why one cannot get pregnant despite having many tries over a long period of time. Maybe your doctor is reporting everything to be normal and fine and yet he or she cannot give you the answer to why you are having failed pregnancies yet. There are many answers to that, some of which are stress, weight issues etc. Stress: Your family or friends may have been putting a certain amount of expectation on your shoulders of wanting to meet their new family member. It may seem like a usual idea and expectation of every family member and friends of newly-married, but it is a kind of a pressure that you get from the society; and this acts as a stressor.

After many researches on the impact of stress on pregnancy, it was found that stress had a negative correlation with pregnancy: that is, the more the stress, the lesser the chances of getting pregnant. Stressors often mess with our brains, making them function less appropriately and hence, also misbalancing the quotient of hormones and other chemicals inside the body which help a woman in conceiving the baby.

Solution: Practice meditation and try to keep control over yourself and your emotions. Stress can take a heavy toll on your health, even when they are good stresses. Being mentally exhausted will also make you physically exhausted because your mental state of being will not be the way it is supposed to be. Tell your parents, family members, relatives and friends that you are not ready yet (if it is so) or the honest reason why you are not getting pregnant. You should learn to say no to the outside pressure, which may not even seem like a pressure at all. You should always consider your needs, wants and expectations over that of the society’s.


Weight issues:

While many people dismiss it to be nothing but a hoax, it is actually true that an undernourished or overweight woman will have difficulty in conceiving.
While an undernourished female may have problems in being fertile (by reduction in the number of “eggs” released by the body) an overweight woman will have problems with less chances of fertilization.

If you are suffering from any other health issues like diabetes, the likelihood of you getting to be a mother becomes all the more problematic. It is not uncommon for the women suffering from weight issues to complain about their infertility.


Exercise regularly and maintain a good and planned diet. Visit your nutritionist regularly and get updates on your improvement.
Lose the excess weight, but by healthy means; and gain those extra pounds by eating more proteins. Refrain from taking any kind of weight reducing or increasing medicine or pills which are commonly available in the market today. If anyone tries to sell them to you, you know you have to run miles away from them.

Sleep deprivation:

Sounds like an unharmful little matter, but it can cause you a lot of stress. We mean it. A lot of things go messy and haywire when you are stressed and not getting adequate amount of sleep. Less number of sleeping hours effects more than just your mood and activities. It can confuse your body, which will cause a dysfunction in the regular and timely release of the required chemicals and hormones inside your body.

You immune system can become weak if your sleep hours are not regulated and controlled. And do you know what happens when your immunity goes low? You become more prone to infections and diseases. This is the reason it is essential to keep yourself and your body happy and feel relaxed at all times if you want to get pregnant.

Not only you ladies, but if you see your man being under a lot of stress lately, and not getting enough hours of sleep, it could also lead to reduction in fertility of the sperms. So it is always better to head to your doctor’s chamber before making assumptions. Get yourself and your husband thoroughly checked and follow the advice of your doctor-cum-guide.



Medication and regular exercise. Monitoring your sleeping hours and time should also do the trick. Again, stay away from any kind of drugs and medicines that put you off to sleep.

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