Important Considerations When Buying TIG Welders

tig welding

TIG welding is also known as Tungsten Inert welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). This method is used when welding thin metal materials because heat is well controlled. This type of welding has become so popular because it is much easier and produces precise cuts. These tips will show you what factors to consider if you want to experience using some of the best TIG welderstig welding

Price; The important things about settling on how much you’ll spend on a TIG welder is what you use it for, preferred brand, additional features and lifespan. If you weld for home purposes, you could settle for less expensive models as long as they do the job. The price range is between a few hundred pounds and thousands of pounds.

Duty Cycle; this is the measure of welding the machine can perform for ten straight minutes. Typically duty cycles are represented in proportions that you have to multiply tenfold in order to get the number of minutes available for welding in each duty cycle. Crossing the duty cycle will damage your machine.tig welding

Movability; If the machine needs to be used in different places regularly, go for movable welders with engines and inverters which make them easier to carry around.

Heat Control; A pulse weld controls the heat while ensuring proper welding. The pulse weld moves from high to low heat and vice versa to make time for cooling and to prevent damage to arcs.


Consulting professionals or shops selling the machine will give you more insight on the best models and brands. Some will fall short of your usage requirements, may be too sophisticated for you or be below your prowess. Asking will save you the hassle of poor performing TIG welders and any other shortcomings.

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