How To Use Split And Merge PDF Files Using A PDF Converter

Portable Document Format, otherwise known as PDF, was born in 1991. Now, its use is indispensable. It applies to many types of documentation. You can manipulate a PDF file. A standard text file can be edited, by adding pictures and layout, then converted into PDF before printing.

Different operating systems use different PDF converters. And Windows uses Acrobat while Mac uses preview. Thus, both have the same functionalities. Of course, advanced PDF converters have more capabilities, but you also need to pay for these functionalities to work. Example, there are cases where you need to extract pictures or images. Such features aren’t possible with necessary converters.

When To Use A Converter

Though a PDF format has many advantages, it also has many limitations. And also there are times when you need to extract text or images and then split or merge documents. That is where a converter comes to the scene. Unlike a Word document where you can add or change text, this is not so with PDF files. There are images or texts that you can’t cut, copy, or paste. So a jpeg image to pdf converter happens.

Splitting and Merging Files

There are free PDF converters online that you can use. And there are also Applications that you can download to your computer. Paid apps have more functionalities. You can merge files by clicking the ‘choose file’ button. Choose as many as you can. Then click merge files. Then download a single file. Splitting files (possible using Acrobat) happens when you go to the ‘tools’ panel and then clicking the ‘split documents’ button. It will give you an option of how many documents you want to be separated.


Splitting and converting a PDF document is easy when you have the tools. Learning the skill is necessary to get as many document formats you want.