How to Use Instagram to Ramp Up Your Sales

There are many people out there who have heard about Instagram. But there is a bigger question. How can this photo-sharing platform be used in the realm of social media marketing? As you buy Instagram videos views your products and posts get a significant boost. You get real views and comments that will help you in promoting your content on Instagram.

I put together the top 5 points that small businesses and non-profits could institute Instagram into their daily, weekly or monthly social media marketing efforts.

1: Instagram Isn’t Everything
When creating a social media marketing plan for you, your small business or non-profit, you must first have to realize that simply using one social media platform is not going to cut it. Instagram is great, but if you rely on it to fulfill all of your social media marketing needs than you are going to fall short and very fast.

2: It Takes A Village
No one is going to care much to read your comments if you simply comment on your own photos. You have to let people know that you are active and that you are out there. A great way to make this happen is to seek out photos that interest you and leave a descriptive comment, maybe one which leads them back to you.

Another idea is to create games or an activity using social media which keeps your potential or past clients interested in coming back to your twitter or facebook page.

3: Don’t Be Afraid To Let Your Hair Down
You want to make sure that you create a personal touch when using Instagram, making sure to connect with your client or customer. For example, you may not only want to show your chief executive officer address your agency’s board, but you may also want to catch a candid shot of them eating lunch with other coworkers.

4: The More the Merrier
You already know that if your employees are not behind your product than you have already lost the battle. Why not capitalize on this phenomenon and use your employees to help sell your product using their own social media realm of influence. Encouraging them to “like’ or “follow” your page is a great start. But if you really want to get the most bang for your buck you should to encourage them to submit their own photos and commentary about the service or product.

5: If You Create It, They Will Come.
You know that the craze is to comment, using hashtags so that your comments are involved. Have you ever thought about creating your own hashtag to get the ball rolling?

The following are a few reasons why it may not be a bad idea:

People can find you and your product when they want    You can promote your brand and promote your hashtag at the same time.    Yet another way to measure your influence.

6: There is Value in the Word Play
Encourage your customers and staff to take photos with their cell phones (if they have the capability. In larger agencies, you may want to develop some sort of policy along with an incentive program.    Make sure you spice them up with editing    Don’t be afraid to show your agency’s true colors