How To Plan A Baseball-Themed Children’s Birthday Party

One! Two! Three Strikes and your on your way to a great celebration themed around one of America’s favorite pass times, baseball! Baseball birthday parties are easy to plan and most of all you can engage the group in a number of games and activities that are based on team work. So grab your bat, it’s time to hit this party out of the park!

The Game Starts at…..

Send your guests a special treat and use real baseballs for your invitations. All you need are baseballs and a fine tip sharpie marker. Just fill out the basics on to the ball such as “Join us on game day as Evan turns 3!” Then list out just the basic party information (date, time, place and RSVP number) since your surface space is limited. You may want to purchase and extra ball or two to experiment on. Once you have your invites all complete, wrap them in a little tissue paper and place them in small boxes, seal and ship. These invites are unique and a sure fire “hit” for guests. You can also have the balls custom made, if you have a larger budget.

If you need something easier to mail or a little more personal, you can make your own baseball cards with all the party information included on the back! You can have them made or print them yourself using a template. If you are familiar with professional casino party, casino fundraiser and casino rental company, you can observe that they use amazing cards for any party. This is a good idea since it adds creativity to the entire action.

Time to Suit up!

Dress your “team” (mom, dad, birthday boy or girl, siblings) in their favorite teams baseball attire. Next prepare your party space by decorating with baseball pennants, streamers and fun ball game items like foam fingers and other rally items. When looking for baseball party ware, Birthday Direct offers their Major League Baseball (MLB) line of party supplies which include plates that look like baseballs and table cloths that look like grass! They also have team specific baseball party ware to celebrate in all the fanfare of your child’s favorite teams logo.

Create fun take home “goodie bags’ for your guests by purchasing cardboard popcorn containers and filling them with baseball themes party favors. Don’t forget to include Cracker Jacks, and a package of red vines to complete this take home treat.

Let’s Play!

Although couple of innings of baseball would make for a great game at the party you can also get a little creative and keep your team rallying for more. How about a base run. Set up four “bases” and then invite everyone to run the bases. Give out prizes for fastest runner, craziest runner, most creative runner. It will work best if you have an award for everyone. You might want to even have a few extra prizes for adults who want to get in on the fun.

Another game that will be fun and a bit of a challenge is having the kids run an obstacle course while balancing a baseball on a large spoon. You can also turn this into a team game by dividing the kids up and having a relay race through the obstacle course. Yet another way to change up the game is to have the kids carry the ball inside a baseball hat. This version will be best if you have a number of children age seven and younger. The cap will steady the ball and make it a little easier for those with developing motor skills.

Baseball Game Favorites

No baseball themed birthday party would be complete without hot dogs, chips and cracker jacks for all to enjoy. Serve up your baseball theme by creating a fantastic cake. Baseball cakes that are either three-dimensional or feature your child’s favorite team can be a great idea for all levels of bakers/decorators. Cupcakes also make a great template for baseball shaped treats.

No matter what you decide to create for your child, a baseball themed party will be sure to be a home-run!