How To Persistently Avoid Blogging Bright And Shiny Syndrome?

Today everyone is surrounded by several options to choose from but people always tend to get attracted towards the shinier objects, that is a part of human nature. This is what happens one start their own business, there are several things to acquire and learn and then they think why not find out more. This keeps one more confused and bogged up as there are several things that one see as shortcuts to reach one’s goal quickly. These things are known as bright and shiny objects.

Same is the situation with blogging too, as many want to do blogging as an escape from their dead-end jobs and earn money. There are several things that try to attract one towards them, like different tools, techniques, strategies etc.this makes a blogger simply jump from one after the other and abandon each idea before trying to make it successful. All this basically is called blogging bright and shiny object syndrome.

Problems with BBSOS

  • It interrupts one’s workflow and deviates from one thing to the other.
  • This leads to the non-implementation of one’s goals and strategies.
  • It leads to wastage of time and money, and most importantly energy and patience.

How to avoid BBSOS

Getting frequently distracted from one’s objective of blogging can be dangerous for one’s blog. One should keep in mind these things to avoid BBSOS:

  • Explore and investigate only for a specific time, and see what things can help in improving one’s blog content and blog deliverance.
  • Always strategic a blog keeping in mind all factors like value addition, time, money and skills required. If these things match then only go ahead.
  • Commit to the strategy selected, try to stick to the plan and implement it to the fullest.
  • And most importantly don’t just blog to earn money, have fun and try to learn from the experience.

Just like any other work or job, blogging also takes planning, strategizing, commitment and proper execution. Leaving anything in between will lead to loss and ultimately lack of patience. So, one should always be honest with themselves before taking up blogging because it also requires the same amount of hard work like any other jobs.