How to Make Money with Small Niche Websites

  1. Research the Niche

The first thing you need to do before really getting started with your small niche website is to check out what kind of search engine traffic you can get. A great tool to help do this is the Overture Suggestion tool( This allows you to type in a term and see how many people have searched for it over a one month period.

So for example, if you typed in our imaginary game title Crazy Limo, you are hoping to get a lot of results. You want it to at least be in the thousands of searches. If that is the case you are in good shape. The fact that you have a domain name with those keywords only ( means that since there is interest in the game, you will get some pretty good type-in traffic to your site as well. Sure, most people will type in, but a lot of people looking for information will also type in the .org version.

So now you know there is enough interest in your topic to create a small niche website. There is one more step however before you know if it’s a good idea to create your site about Crazy Limo, and that is to research your competition. To do this simply do a Google search on your proposed niche. If you see a lot of other sites already created specifically about your niche, it may not be a good idea to compete with a site yourself. You may be able to get your website on the first page of search engine traffic eventually with a lot of effort, but remember we are trying to create a niche website that gets into the top of the search engine rankings quickly.

On the other hand, if you are doing a small niche site on a video game and the top 10 search results mostly show things like game news and reviews, that is great news. It means there is little competition so far and it should be pretty easy to get a small niche website on that subject to make money.

As you are done with your research and sales forecast you can move to the next step. All this research is going to help you get the best possible results of all your hard work. You will get an idea of how your website is going to work and what would be the projected sales be. 

  1. Decide how to Monetize

Ok, so you have now found a niche and determined that it is worth creating a small niche website on the subject. Now it’s time to decide your monetization techniques. It is good to have a plan for monetizing your niche site before launching it.

Google Adsense is obviously one tool you will want to include in your plan. It is very effective because you know the ads that show up on your site will be very targeted, thus a high click-through rate. That said, it probably won’t be the main moneymaker for your site.

When creating a small niche site about a video game, the main source of income will come from earning a commission from selling the game itself (and other things related to it like game guides). To do this you need to search through an affiliate program site such as Commission Junction. When you search through Commission Junction you will likely find quite a bit of merchandise relating to the game. Making money-earning a commission like this has the potential to make a lot of money for you.

That does it for part two of ‘How to Make Money with Small Niche Websites.’ In part three you will learn how to design and build your site, as well as how to generate good content for the site to optimize it for search engines.