How to Make Money Using Google Adsense

What is all the fuss about Google Adsense about? I wanted to know the answer for this and fast. My friends and family were always ranting about how Google Adsense helped them make money by doing almost nothing.

I put a lot of search into this before I found the right answer that I was looking for. I couldn’t believe all that they had to offer. Now I know why this site is so popular and why everyone called it easy money and now I am going to show you how to do the same.

Google Adsense is a site that pays people to post up advertisements in their web sites or blogs. You are paid mainly on the number of hits each advertisement receives and the cost per thousand impression. The advertisement banner that is placed is related to the site or blog topic. These ads are usually placed by keyword so that they are relevant to where they are placed. Additionally, there is CTR Manipulation in Google SERPs that is a great way with which you will be able to make more money from your Adsense.

Signing up is fast and easy. You just fill out an on-line application, click submit and then paste a HTML code into the site or blog. The HTML code will cause the targeted ads to start showing up on your site or blog. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about keeping a relationship with the advertiser’s because Google does this for you.

Advertisers are put in an auction to bid on your site or blog. When the auction begins, the advertisers place their bid and whichever advertiser that wins gets to place his ad on your site right then so that there is no waiting. Google will place whichever ad that will generate the most revenue from your page

You can also place a Google search box on your site or blog. Each time a person uses the Google search box to search for an item or site, you earn revenue from this. Place one on your site or blog is easy, all you have to do is copy and paste the code into the site or blog and you’re done. It is that simple. Google search boxes allows the customer to search the web right from your site and will also help generate more page views as well.

With the Google search box you can customize it to have your logo placed on it and add your choice of over 200 colors so that the look and feel matches your site making it easier for you to stick with one scene when it comes to your site. Google knows how important it is for your site to meet all of your expectations.

Google has also made it easier for you to filter out the ads that you don’t want shown. If there is a specific ad that you prefer for them not to show then you can ad this to your filtered sites and Google will make sure to do this for you.

Google provides custom default ads so that if there is ever an event to where they are unable to place an ad for you then you can customize one for yourself and do this manually.

Anytime that something about your site or blog changes, so do the ads. Google will change the ads as many times as you change the site so that the ads will still be relevant to your site. Google understands how frustrating that it can be when an ad is completely off the topic of someone’s site. Google has the technology to filter through ads and place the most appropriate one to your site.

Google adsense has made it even easier for you to track your earnings from Google adsense with an on-line tracking site. This site will display the cost per clicks and the cost per impression that you have earned. You can also customize this page so that it is even friendlier for you to use. Once you customize it, you can be able to tell which ads and sites are getting you the most revenue. Knowing which site is making you the most money will let you know which other sites you need to work on or change.

Google also has a feature that allows you to view what your customer’s are searching for on your site. This feature will list the 25 most common searches done from your search box on your site. This is just another one of the many benefits that Google has to offer.

If you don’t speak English or if this is not your first language of choice, don’t worry because Google is available in a dozen languages worldwide

Make sure that you read the Google terms and conditions and abide by them before you open up an account.