How To Enhance Your Butt

Are you looking for a guide on how to get a big butt? Believe it or not, but this is what most of the people strive for. Yes!!! You got it right. A big butt!! They exercise, eat healthy, and even refer to experts and what not for a big and healthier looking butt. Some may even take help of artificial enhancements, but you can really get your desired shape regardless of your body type.

Just follow these simple steps and there you are with a bigger butt that you wanted!

  • The first step towards you goal is exercise. For perfectly toned and rounded bums, jogging would help. Sometimes, try to climb two stairs at once. You need to burn those extra calories and just don’t need junk in the trunk.


  • Anyone even with a little knowledge about the topic would suggest you this: SQUATS and yes squats must be your main part in the entire exercise regime. And trust me squats work like wonders to add to that shape. Using dumbbells along with the same also helps.
  • Another exercise to help would be donkey kicking your gluteus muscles with both the legs. Find out what you are comfortable with i.e. first with one leg and then with the other or both legs simultaneously. But just don’t skip it.
  • PilateSquats isn’t just for ballerinas. Even celebrities like Alia Bhatt have conformed to the benefit of this exercise and for reference how to do it, just refer their instagram accounts.

Another factor which is most important factor after exercise is diet.

  • The main focus should be on high protein consumption as proteins are crucial foe muscle development. Hence, right quantity of protein must be eaten.
  • Right type of fats and carbohydrate must be chosen which helps in toning your butt.
  • Foods which increase energy levels must be included in the diet so that you do not face any tiredness after the work out.


  • The most essential part of diet is choosing the right supplements.

While your butt size is determined by genetics, but the above mentioned factors may help you to a great extent to get that desired body figure like icons like Beyonce, J.Lo, Kim Kardashian and Nicky Minaj. So go on and flaunt your size!

All the best!

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