How To Chase An Ambulance

I am in the advertising field. I meet a lot of people everyday and I also have lunch with a lot of different people. I once met a lawyer for lunch who told me something that was so interesting that I just had to share it. What you read below is the everyday practice of this attorney and this is what I learned in our conversation during lunch. I will not reveal his name but I will call him Edward which is in no way, even remotely close to his real name.

Edward has a morning routine. Like most of us, he eats breakfast. Edward however, does something that is not like us. He eats in his car with a police scanner. He does this in the morning because he has figured that most car accidents happen while people are en route to work. The most valuable cases he says are the ones where working professionals are injured. He can always get a big payout for a male of female in their late 40’s and early 50’s. So any lawyer, whether car accident lawyer Maryland or a business lawyer is one of the highest paying jobs in the world.

So, Edward listens to the police scanner and when he hears of an accident he drives to the location. He takes pictures of the cars before he even confronts the prospective client. He tells me that he acts like he just happened to be driving by and meets with the person who looks to be innocent of the traffic accident. He says that he usually introduces himself and then leaves only to visit them in the hospital an hour later with the photos of the wreck in his hand. That’s when he signs them up. He brings papers with him and puts them in front of them and has the injured person sign or has their spouse sign.

The general idea is that he tries to have them signed up four hours after the wreck has occurred. He explains the reason for this, if he can get the person to sign that day, he can begin making his case and emails photos of the wreck and gets the physician to tell him what the patients condition is.

When the insurance comes back with an offer, he is already prepared to send them back his offer which is way higher than their offer – always. He said that one day he got two clients in one day, one of them he chased and the other arrived while he was signing up the first one. Then, two weeks later he had taken two offers from two insurance companies that netted him over eighty-thousand dollars after collecting two big checks for his clients, not bad for two weeks work.

He explained that he used to pay a few girls fifty dollars a day to watch the records of patients coming in from traffic accidents. He would get a call and show up as soon as possible and sign his clients up but the hospital caught on and fired the girls at the desk and hired new ones with new instructions that involved not speaking with Edward.

If lawyers didn’t exist, we would have lower insurance rates. No doubt. But what would we do when we are in an accident and the only thing that would make us feel better is a few hundred thousand dollars?