How Custom Made Usb Memory Sticks Are Created

Customized flash drives with different shapes are among the hottest USB devices available on the market. Although traditional USB flash drives are extremely easy to customize, a lot of customers take advantage of the capability to create their own design and see it for themselves in the real world as a real and functioning memory stick as opposed to being just a 3D file on their computers. People have the choice of ordering just one of their custom design, or ordering thumb drive wholesale for marketing purposes.

If you are interested in how custom USB flash drives are created, be sure to continue reading this article. This article will shed light on the creation of customized USB flash drives. Without further ado, let’s start.
1. The first step
You must first have an idea of what shape you want your custom USB flash drive to be. You can provide a 2D drawing, but if you have a 3D file, you can provide it as well. After you provided the shape you want, it will be forwarded to the art department for further improvements.
2. Building the mold
The mold serves as the template of the USB flash drive. It is made of metal that matches the 3D design of the flash drive shape you want. In a lot of cases, more than 1 mold must be used especially if the design of the custom flash drive is complex. This means that a more intricate design will cost more for the customer. Therefore, if you are aiming to spend less, make sure that your design is not too complicated. This is especially important for companies who are mass producing customized USB flash drives for promotional purposes, as well as individual people who want to create just one copy of their custom flash drive.