Holidays At The Expense Of Mounting Bills

The general view of the average human being is that they are exceptionally lazy in nature. They want everything at the drop of a hat where all they have to do is sit back and issue orders to others.

The people are divided into three classes: lower class, middle class (upper middle class in extension) and finally the elite class. The first ones are extremely poor and cannot afford even basic necessities and therefore fall below the poverty line.

The next ones are those who can afford those items that fall within their budget and the final ones are the most lucky as they are born with a golden spoon and have all the comforts in the world.

The middle class, due to being in the middle of the hierarchy, is sandwiched between both and has to bear the brunt of the tax burden leveled by the government while the elite are corrupt and either pay less tax or don’t pay at all and the lower class cannot afford it.

To make ends meet, the common man struggles constantly and after accumulating a considerable amount of savings, goes off on a well deserved holiday with the family to get some respite from work.

Sadly, the credit card bills too mount up by the end of the trip and he is left with little due to constant deductions from one scheme or the other.

Luckily, here are some tips for paying off the debts:

  • Try saving more right from day one to avoid this mishap for the next holidays and in case of direct deposit, ask the bank to divide the paycheck between savings and credit account
  • Pay off the high interest rate first and spent less with other cards
  • Do visit a cvv shop to keep the cash verification value in check
  • In case you are unable to make minimum purchase, seek the advice of a counseling firm that is non profit which you can find at