Heart of Nightfang Spire

Heart of Nightfang Spire A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure for 10th Level Characters. Written by Bruce R. Cordell.

As always when reviewing game modules; if you are a Dungeon Master, there is no such thing as spoiler. If you are a player, stop reading here and mark this review “Very Helpful.” This review is your ultimate guide for the games along with pussy888 apk download. You will easily master the art of playing Heart of Nightfang spire with these recommendations and tips.

Heart of Nightfang Spire is the fifth adventure in the 3rd Edition Adventure Path, and it is here that the characters learn that what you do can come back to haunt you. In the Sunless Citadel the Adventurers were introduced to a strange name; Ashardalon. They heard that name again in the last adventure, The Standing Stone. Ashardalon was a great Red Dragon with Demonic powers. He was served by a vampire called Gulthias. The characters opposed the remaining vestige of Gulthias in that first adventure. The vampire had been staked with green wood, and it had taken root. A strange tree with remarkable powers of life and death, and a penchant for corruption grew from that stake, and the evil that was Gulthias lived on.

Well, now he is back. If your characters shamelessly exploited the fruit of the Gulthias tree as my characters did, you can make sure they think that somehow, they are to blame for his escape.

Heart of Nightfang Spire is a site based adventure. The layout of the module was designed for ease of use by the Dungeon Master (DM) and the adventure tends to teach the characters how to be better players.

The Introduction includes the preparation section, for true novices, and brief Adventure Backgrounds to provide history for the DM and the Adventure Synopsis which provides a map for how the adventure ought to go, if pointing players down a plotline were not roughly analogous to herding cats. It also includes a list of possible character hooks to use to involve the players in the action, because cats won’t herd, but they will follow an open can of tuna. It also includes a few rumors the characters can learn along the road.

The next section is the Dungeon; Nightfang Spire. Built at the bottom of a gorge, it is easiest to enter through its broken roof. Of course, the Vampire lairs at the very bottom, so you have a case of having to go down to get up, and up to get down. Inside the tower the evil Cult of Ashardalon have established a very effective gauntlet to slow invaders. The adventure uses several monsters to good effect; vampire spawn, because Gulthias can make them, Girallons, great four armed gorillas, who lair nearby, and golems. These things keep hammering the adventurers until they go, “Not another Golem!” and then the next thing is something quite different. The module also teaches about templates, using advanced monsters…”My goodness! That girallon took a lot more killing than the first eight!” (Real line.) And a vampiric gibbering monster. “Anytime you make a vampire out of something covered in mouths, you are asking for trouble!” (Another real line.) When they reach the final battle they discover that the Vampire is also a more powerful wizard than they are! (Hey, is he a vampire or a character? What do you mean BOTH?)

The Nightfang Spire section contains no less than nine side bars designed to provide the DM with help remembering where Gulthias can spy on the characters, how often the random patrols go through, and special considerations for Gulthias. He is a super genius, and should be played as such. He’s also nutty as squirrel poo!

The conclusion gives the DM clues on how to handle success, or failure by the party, and some of the repercussions of each option.

The Appendix includes the stats on all named and advanced monsters. These are quite lethal, and can be used in other campaigns when you need something more exotic to throw at your players. It also includes stats for a new monster, the Mooncalf. (I think it’s great to throw new monsters at those players who have memorized the Monster Manual. I especially love it when they think it is something else, and holler the wrong advice!) There is also a quick write up on all the unique magic items found in the adventure.

As always the inside front and back cover are dedicated to maps showing the lay out of the dungeon. This makes a great makeshift wizards tower if needed. Just describe everything as opulently furnished.

I love these adventures. This one is the only one that I got play through as well as run, so it is a particular favorite of mine. At $9.95 for 32 pages it is a very good price, particularly when you consider how versatile these adventures can be.