Grand Theft Auto – A Popular Fiction Game

The Grand Theft Auto is a popular video game series with a lot of action and adventure filled inside. The game was created by David Jones and Mike Daily of Rockstar North in October 1997. The name of this game series has been kept based on the motor vehicle theft that occurred in US. It works on Microsoft Windows and MS-Dos platforms.

The player in the game can choose missions to win and progress through the game. Along with the missions, they also have to complete all the side missions too. The grand theft auto, original version was a 2D game whereas the grand theft auto iii and its sequels have been 3D. The grand theft auto iv and v are made in HD.


The game consists of a number of series and each series allows the player to act as a criminal in the city. The player then plans on how to proceed through the game. Assassination and crime is the basic part of the game. Sometimes, taxi driving, helicopter flying, bus driving, street racing also can be seen. The grand theft auto iii and its successors have even more features like voice acting and radio stations using which music can be played.

The criminal activities that are performed by the player during the game always gets noticed by the police. By gaining a maximum of five to six characters, the player gets qualified for the next stage in the game. By earning the stars, one can increase the response level increases. A single star may have a few number of police cars following the player while five or six stars will have large tanks and helicopters following the player.

The game has faced a lot of controversies as it is a game for the adults and has violent themes. But in spite of all these, it has also gained a lot of popularity among the players. More than 220 units were successfully shipped till September 2015. Grand theft auto download piracy version has been leaked on the torrents, by this many gamers can avail this game for free

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