Find Out How Helpful Thermax Carpet Cleaners Are For You

Thermax has emerged to be a household name today that is popular for its home and commercial cleaning appliances. This brand is globally acclaimed for unique, yet powerful range of home and commercial grade vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and carpet cleaners. Instigated in the year 1971 by Carl Parise, the brand has become successful name today because of its consistent effort in making improved and highly advanced carpet cleaning machines. This is the only brand that is known for manufacturing world’s first UL-approved hot water extraction system for cleaning carpets and upholstery. Today the company has flourished by leaps and bounds by consistently offering high quality and powerful vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and carpet cleaners for domestic and commercial cleaning.

Currently, the company manufactures three different models of carpet cleaners for commercial cleaning and only one carpet cleaner for domestic carpet cleaning. You may visit to access the range of Thermax carpet cleaners online.

Thermax AF Carpet Cleaner is the most popular domestic carpet cleaner by this brand that has been designed to offer a cleaner which can be operated both as wet steam carpet cleaner and dry vacuum. It is a all in one lightweight home carpet cleaner which is compact and easy to store.


Versatility of Thermax Carpet Cleaner

The carpet cleaners by Thermax are versatile and can be used on tile or hardwood flooring. The carpet cleaner is designed with robust motor that can easily handle all type of cleaning and keep your carpet fresh and protected. Since the patented water filtration system can be removed after every use, the suction power of the machine never gets decreased, unlike canister cleaners and traditional bag.

Thermax Carpet Cleaners is exclusive and unique in comparison to its counterparts because the machine offers unique heating element. The heating element installed in the carpet cleaner ensures that the temperature of water and steam is maintained while cleaning for more controlled and concise carpet cleaning.

Efficient Suction Capacity


You can visit the website to know its consumer choice rating. The Thermax carpet cleaners are thoroughly checked and tested on consumer testing labs and it has surpassed the set efficiency rate in sucking the contaminants, dust, dirt and other allergens from the carpets. The water present in the machine plays a pivotal role in trapping the dirt and dust, instead of floating around in the air within the canister it gets trapped by the water in the machine.

Dual Cleaning

The most amazing feature of Thermax carpet cleaner is that it can be converted easily into a deep cleaning hot water extraction system from a normal carpet cleaner. This feature is very purposeful in cleaning the carpets that are used in high traffic areas. Using this technology can help you keep your carpet clean thoroughly. So, ensure to give your carpet a thorough cleaning every month by converting your carpet cleaner into a deep cleaning hot water extraction system. This feature is also useful to clean the spots of drinks, food, and pet accidents from the carpet.

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