Fashion Tops for the Real World

We have all seen the fashion shows and runway fashions that are developed by the absolute best designers in the business but the problem with these fashions is they are not practical. Many of the high end fashion trends never make it to the mainstream women’s clothing industry because they are not suitable to be worn on a regular basis and therefore are not worth the investment to the majority of women. Elan International is a fashion designer that has recognized this flaw in the system and created fashion tops that real women can wear in the real world. 

The casual clothing industry has been growing for several years now and today it is no longer the same casual wear we remember; but Caftan is one of those dresses that are still remember able for any women who had wear it even just for once. Casual clothing is not referring to those baggy sweatpants you would never be seen in public in, it is referring to comfortable fashion trends you will look great it and actually want to wear. Everyone has the fashion top in their closet that looks fabulous on the hanger but you dread wearing because it is just so uncomfortable. If you can relate to this than it is time to replace the old and out dated with something new, comfortable and trendy for the 2011 fashion season. 

One of the absolute hottest fashion tops by Elan International this spring is the rayon crepe asymmetrical top. This type has taken a very high end fashion and not only made it accessible to the general public but made it something that can easily be worn without discomfort and can make nearly any body type and shape look great. This casual top can be worn with skirts for women such as the pencil skirt if you are looking to create an office or professional look or a bubble skirt if you are heading out with your friends and looking to create a little intrigue with your unique fashion choices. 

As you begin to see more and more spring casual wear trends hit the shelves today you will see light and airy fashion tops everywhere. Smocked styles in sheer, floral prints are definitely at the top of the must have list for the majority of women who follow the women’s clothing trends closely. Elan International offers a casual top such as this and it looks great with a pair jean shorts for a casual day at the beach and equally fashionable if with a pair of cigarette pants for women if you are headed out for an evening of fun. 

Unlike other fashion designers, Elan International has made the conscious decision to provide their spring collection at affordable prices so that every woman can afford to wear a designer label of some kind. Perhaps you are not interested in who designs your clothing but somewhere inside of you, you wish you could own a great Chanel dress and Elan International understands this desire. Take a look through their spring and summer collection and find great fashion tops, pants for women, casual wear and dresses for women that will make you look great this summer and feel great too!