Experience The Finest Of The Coffee Machine Tests For You

More than design, the place your machine takes can be important. Calculate the centimeters you have between your worktop and your tall furniture. Machines can be found from 37 centimeters in height to over 47 cm. You must respect in addition to this height, a few centimeters (about 15cm) to be able to pour your grain in the dedicated compartment.

Must be easy to use

The ease of use and the personalization of the coffee are decisive criteria. Some models have a use of One Touch, which allows the help of a button to prepare everything. Others can adjust the more or less fine grinding that will determine the taste and strength of coffee. There are also models where the number of cups is adjusted with a button, the machine then adapting the amount of grinding according to the chosen strength.

Must be economical

Calculate the price per cup over the long term or consult comparisons. Machines are very economical for 4 cups or 8 cups over 2 years, others are real financial sinkholes in the first two years but amortized over the long term. A coffee costs globally between 0.13 $ and 0.16 $. With the kaffeevollautomat günstig you will be able to have a better addressing of the same.

Must be easy to clean

Opt for an easy-to-remove, well-designed liquid-recovery bin to avoid spilling a part of it when you want to empty it. Similarly, rinsing and descaling must be easy through automatic programs.

This coffee robot with grinder is a real gem in this area. It has been designed around 3 axes. Simplicity, interactivity and performance. It’s very intuitive control panels with LCD graphic display screen make it easy to use. Large tactile buttons with schematic drawings very explicit, can prepare with a simple pressure the drink of choice.

To customize a drink, the Menu My function is directly accessible on the control panel. You can change the aroma of your nectar; select the desired quantity and the dose of milk, and especially save your choices.