Elearning Through 10 Best Gantt Chart Software

There are numerous software available in the market to learn e-learning. Some of the top softwares are Workzone, Easy Projects, Team Gantt, Ganttpro, Celoxis, ProjectLibre, Project Insight, Wrike, Rational Plan, Smartsheet. A Excel Gantt chart is basically made to visualize the information in an inclusive way. The whole detail of the information needs to convey are summarized in a gist in the pictorial form. The presentation is attractive to the viewers because of the colours of bar graph in the diagram. These are made to show the tasks, timelines, budgets and activities that overlap in time. Different softwares have come up with various additional benefits from each other. All the software does incorporate the features of the Gantt chart as part of their other characteristics. While using Excel Gantt chart, the users need to pay amount after the term offered to them for free.

What are the functions of Gantt chart in other softwares?


  • The use of Gantt chart in Workzone reflects the status of the projects quickly.
  • The option to have a quick review of the project is possible in the website.
  • It would also reflect the tasks assigned to each individual of the team.
  • The data projects the works done, work need to be done along with the days left to completion.

Easy Projects:

The unique feature of this software includes its user friendly behavior. It is possible to drag the items written in the spreadsheet onto the required place.

Team Gantt:

Additional benefit of the software consists of the security of the file to be saved in a single place and the communication is possible between the members through the software.


The exceptional characteristic of this software includes its facility to divide the whole task into split tasks and subtasks.


This software is known best for the fastest software among the competitors in the market.


The distinguishable quality is the installation of translation capacity in the software.

Project Insight:

This software allows the users to edit the file whenever in need without having any difficulty.


The online facility helps to view the changes in the file made by one member by the whole group members.

Rational Plan:

Multiple projects are handled through the Rational Plan.


There is allowance of edit in the Excel Gantt chart to the joint ventures with limited control given to them.

The time, energy and efforts which the users required to commit to the making of the chart is worth because of the benefits it hold to the viewers.