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Electronic books or better known as eBooks became very popular in during the 2000s. They are characterized as the digital formats of books which can contain images and text. They are accessed and read through computers and other electronic devices. However, they are also just like the printed books. Ebooks have cover arts, authors and the like. ebook-graphic

Ebooks have always been described as the digital or electronic copy of printed books Documentee which is usually not the case. There are some ebooks that only exist as ebooks, they do not have printed counterparts.

Ebook Formats

All ebooks are digital but it can exist in different formats. The usual formats for ebooks are pdf, html, mobi, lit, and epub. These formats are different because the programs that are used to open them are different. For instance, epub readers cannot read an ebook in pdf format.ebooks-on-tablets

Why Ebooks?

Ebooks are good alternatives for those people who find reading printed books inconvenient. Also, there are people who need a lot of books every day and some of these books could be quite heavy. However, some do not want to carry big books around. First, because it is inconvenient and second because it can cause certain health problems such as backaches but with ebooks, you can put as many of them in the same device as you like, as long as you have enough space on the memory of the device. So you no longer have to worry about hurting your back. You can also have notes and can highlight ebooks in certain formats. In printed books, you can damage your copy with pen markings and highlighters.

Lastly, the great difference between printed books and ebooks are their prices. Ebooks are considerably cheaper compared to its printed counterpart, and this is the reason why many people would prefer to buy ebooks over printed books.

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