Defend the gym and earn free coins

okemon Go is the latest buzz around the world, and almost every individual is crazy about the games. For gamers to enjoy every feature of this game, it is important for them to have pokecoins with which they can have access to the store and make purchase of different items. Users even have the option of spending real cash in the store, but I am sure none of us would be interested in doing so and might be looking for ways which can give them access to free Pokemon go coins.006_maxresdefault 

One of the best ways of earning free coins is to have your Pokemon stationed to near one of the gyms to defend it. One can defend up to 10 gyms at a time, and for defending each one of them they will help you earn 10 coins. So, in every 21 hours you will be able to claim 10 coins and in order to claim it all you have to do is go to a nearby Poke shop.009_maxresdefault

While you are at the gym, you need not have to be the only one to put your claims forward or you need not have to be in the first place. All is required is, you should have enough CP to claim place of a gym trainer and this will be sufficient for you to earn coins from the game. One of the best tricks which can help you earn good amount of free coins in the game is, leave the strongest Pokemon in front of the gym or take over a gym which is based in a remote area and hardly any visitors comes to the place. These two things can help you defend the gym without much problem and help you earn maximum free Pokemon go coins.

Users can even try various cheat and hacking tools, and try to earn free coins for competing and playing the game.

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