Contacts Pros And Cons: Things To Consider First In Getting Your First Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, or contacts for short, is an ocular prosthetic tool that designed for the eyes. It is used for medical uses and aesthetic or cosmetic use. Some contacts intended to correct the visions with myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. Others are to make your eyes change color and other cosmetic purposes.

You can buy or purchase contacts in legitimate and prescribed drug stores or shops. But if you don’t have a prescription from the doctors, you can’t buy any contact lenses. There are flea markets that sell contact lenses without prescription required. Avoid this type of store or shop; the contacts they sell can lead to serious eye problems and eye infection. Thus, this may also lead to eye irritation and permanent blindness.

There are also shops online that you can purchase different types of contact lenses. These online shops are legit and legal for selling contacts. Avoid malicious sites that are selling contacts, and it might be counterfeited or fake products. Always choose for legit or legal websites that sell contacts that require a prescription. Thus, these are the examples of online shops and sites you may visit for purchasing your ideal contacts.

1-800 Contacts

This American contact lens retailer is based in Draper, Utah. It is among the fastest and efficient procedures for ordering contacts online. If the individual has to order from them with the prescription, they can enter manually or upload a photo of the medicine. The website carries all the known brands of contact lenses. Also, they include types of contacts such as multifocal, toric, and colored lenses. The sites also offer free shipping within every state. is an authorized online selling website. It is one of the leading online store and information site for glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Although the selection of the manufacturers is not extensive, they do have colored and toric contact lenses. offers a guarantee price-match for their contacts. The shipping is free for orders exceeding $49, and this makes the website the best option if you store various boxes at the same time.

It is a new contact lens retailer launched in 2016. Their mission is to streamline the process of ordering contact lenses online. By selling just one in-house brand, they considerably reduced their expenses. The website sells standard daily contact lenses and doesn’t stock bifocal, toric, or multifocal types of contact lenses. But the site is planning to have them as soon as possible.

Walmart Contacts

Walmart, one of the most popular stores in all states. There are over 2500 Walmart stores that have Vision Centers that can offer eye examinations from the on-site optometrist. Their website provides free shipping for their beloved costumers. They carry the 16 major brands of contact lenses. They also carry all types of regular contacts, including colored, bifocal, and multifocal contacts.

Other Websites to Visit

Other websites sell prescribed contact lenses. It includes LensCrafters, CVS, LensDirect, EZcontacts, and If you live in other countries such as Australia. To find the websites, you can search it online. They may acquire coloured contact lenses Australia cheap.