Complete Product Review Of Soleil Shaver- A Great Three Blade Razor!

When I was on vacation a couple of months ago, I was given a goody bag, and in it was a Bic Soleil Shaver. I had taken my own Venus shaver with me, so have only just used it. I had run out of cartridges for it, and coudn’t be bothered to fight the crowds, this time of the year.

I opened up the packaging on this cute razer. I noticed that they normal come in 4 or 6 packs, but as this is a free sample, from the hotel, I am not complaining. The razor is disposable but is much stronger than the ‘Daisy’ ones. For 40 years I always used an electric or battery operated shaver, but got so many comments on an article I wrote, that I changed to manual ones. They would run me $40 – $60 and I never got a really clean shave.

I love that the Bic Soleil has a triple blade, so it makes the job a breeze. When I see the commercials on the television for shavers, cream, or gel, they look as if they are having a luxurious time. I think I am in the majority, saying that it is a pain to do this every couple of days. That said, I use one of my favorite shaving gels, and then hold the razor in my hand. It fits really nice, and my thumb rests, on the top right side of the handle. It also has a wonderful rubber rib on the front of the shaver, so there is no chance of me dropping it. Once I did drop a razer and it landed on my toe. It cut the top of the toe and made it bleed.

The Bic Soleil razor has a triple blade and that is why its always a epilierer testsieger, for a closer, and easier shave. It contains Aloe and Vitamin E to ensure my legs are smooth and full of moisture. I have been using it this week, and it is still sharp. With some of the really cheap brands, they go dull almost immediately. What a waste of money they are. Before it starts to feel dull, or doesn’t give me a close shave, I will be going out and purchasing some more. I was checking the Sunday pull outs, because right now Walgreen’s drug store, have a four piece Bic Soleil gift set for $9.99. Both Walgreen’s and C.V.S. drugstores have the cartridge ones, with either $4 or $5 back, but the offer is not available on disposables. I might even look into using one of those.

From the back of the package:

“Three blades and a soothing moisture strip enriched with aloe and shea butter.

Curvy handle for added control.”

I don’t have sensitive skin, but am very pleased with this sample. This is a product I will use, and am delighted with it’s performance. The blade is still sharp after 3 uses, and I figure it will probably do another week. I understand that they retail for around $5 – $6, for either the 4, or 6 pack. I do have a coupon, in the package, when I received the free sample. It is for $1 off ,and doesn’t expire.