Choosing A Smart Diaper Bag

Choosing the perfect diaper bag is always a big predicament. One of the best things to do is to read more on This website has all the information that you need on diaper bags. After you read more on you will realize the various types of diaper bags that are available and what is the advantage and disadvantage of each of them. The most common types of diaper bags are backpack, tote, convertible, messenger, mini diaper bags and strollers. LilyJade_madeline

Tote Diaper Bags: Tote diaper bags are nothing but a big purse. They look just like a purse and are spacious enough to fit just about anything. However that is where the problem lies. Since tote diaper bags are so big, there is a temptation to cramp everything into a single bag. This would mean that if you are going out with your baby for an entire day, the heavy tote bag will take a toll on your shoulder and arms. Also, finding anything in the oversized bag would mean placing the bag on the floor and then digging through which can be a big inconvenience. While a tote diaper bag is big and convenient, packing necessary stuff in it makes it worthwhile.

Messenger Diaper Bags: Messenger or cross body diaper bags allow you to carry the bag diagonally across the chest. This keeps your hands free for your child. These bags are extremely slim, casual and gender neutral. While a messenger bag may not be as spacious as a tote bag, they have a similar wide opening. This makes it easier to grab things in a hurry such as a water bottle or anything else that you may want. However you will not need to place this bag on the floor to find anything like a tote bag. The only problem with a messenger bag is continually shifting the bag to the other shoulder as keeping the bag on one shoulder will cause a lot of stress. One strap can cause a lot of stress of the back and the shoulder.LIlyJade_bag

Backpack Diaper Bags: Backpack diaper bags look like regular backpacks that has extra storage and pockets. Since it has two shoulder straps, the weight is equally distributed on both shoulders. This makes it easier to carry extra luggage for longer periods of time. This makes you lesser prone to back and shoulder pain as well. The backpack also keeps both the arms free. This gives you more free time to pick up your child and click pictures.

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