Progressive Activist Ends, Justify The Liberal Capitalist Means

I personally can’t think of anyone on this planet that I would plunk down $35,800 to eat dinner with. According to the 2010 Census Bureau the median household income was $49,445 and after taxes, insurance and the 401K it’s far less than $35,800. So when I read that our President was attending two fundraisers for himself and the DNC at $35,000 a plate, I assume it was liberal corporations and private liberal citizens attending. Ironic isn’t it? I thought Obama didn’t like rich people other than himself, Warren Buffet, George Soros and Andy Stern. If you’re rich, green and left, then you’ve got a friend in the White House. Obama, and Stern are middle class citizens compared to the financial likes of Buffet and Soros. I’ve asked the very few wealthy liberal friends that I have and they don’t want to share their wealth with me or anyone for that matter. My liberal buddies choke on their lemon grass popsicle sticks when I bring it up. They blatantly stutter without realizing their confession “I have earned that money why should I take half and give it to you?”

Anyways, they are entitled to their choice and I am to mine as we are living in the oldest democratic country in the world and the fact that we both have difference of opinion is a good sign that indicates that democracy continues to prevail. Liberals need to take an rfp response of sorts on how to deal with financial matters concerning the government.

Liberals run around like chickens with their heads cut off, squawking about rich people needing to pay more taxes, and giving their fair share to the less fortunate meaning the government. How does Obama look these people in the eyes and say “I really don’t like you and I despise what you have worked for but give to my campaign?” The major most influential liberal foundations are the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation and the Gates Foundation all created by America’s most avid capitalists. The rationale would be that progressives working towards creating a “new world order” should keep away from the foundations formed by the same capitalists who stand to lose the most from this skewed submissive governmental theory of control. Is anyone asking this question? Why are progressives / liberals and several radical groups accepting funding from these major liberal capitalist foundations?

Several progressive activists realize that the biggest goals and objectives of capitalist-funded liberal foundations are unable to coexist with their own uncompromising, diehard dreams for our planet. However in realizing this conflict of interest, it’s obvious that progressive groups assume that they can deceive the liberal capitalist foundations at their own game and hoodwink them into donating to the projects that will engage and promote serious progressive social change. In short, progressive groups / activist will take money from anyone as long as contracts and strings aren’t attached to the greenbacks. So I gather that the liberal foundations are funding the activist groups that are trying to bring about massive societal changes, basically at their own capitalist demise. So why do these foundations keep funding the progressive activists at the expense of their own possible extinction?

Former SEIU President Andy Stern and close friend of the White House said “We use the power of persuasion first. If it doesn’t work, we try the persuasion of power.” Isn’t that how we were raised? No? Me either but it explains how the means justify the ends.


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