Best Blackjack Guide

 Even though there are some types of blackjack, there are usually only slight variations between the versions and all these variations can be tried online through เว็บพนัน ufabet. These variations are so small that blackjack is the same blackjack every where, but there are some rule variations, that don’t change the fact it’s still blackjack. For instance, in some casinos in Europe or Australia, the dealer completes his hand only after all the hands had already been played, but in most USA casinos, the dealer deals his second card around the same time he deals the other players.

 So you can find different types of blackjack and different types of online blackjack, but all of them will be still called blackjack. The only difference is that you have much more access to different types of online blackjack, as a part of it being online. Blackjack odds:

 Well, there’s a bit of a problem foreseeing a player’s odds of winning, because of the playing system of the player actually change the house’s edge. So, if you, let’s say, acting on an impulse anytime you play a hand, the edge can be anywhere from 2 to 5 percent. On the other hand, if you play by a system, like the one presented here you can be playing very even to the house, make your blackjack odds a bit better, and the house’s edge worse – about 0.5% or lower in stead of two: these are blackjack odds we like.

 So, in conclusion: Blackjack odds are very variable, and cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, blackjack odds become a lot better when playing by a system. Blackjack Table:

 The online blackjack table, although looks like the regular table, isn’t the same. While the regular blackjack table has place for three or four people at most, the online blackjack table has no limitation of space at the table, so the online blackjack player always has space to play. The table has, as said, three to four seats, all facing the dealer. The table has a box or a circle painted on the tabletop, in front of every chair. This is called the betting box, where you put your bet

 The regular blackjack tabletop has a slot for the players’ money in it, so if there’s a slot in the online blackjack table, it probably has no purpose except take the resemblance between the online blackjack table and the regular table one more step.

 Both online blackjack table and regular blackjack table, though, have a sign stating the minimal and maximal bet, and probably the inscription “blackjack pays 3 to 2”. Blackjack Tricks:

 Well, there aren’t any blackjack tricks, really. The system is, well, sort of a trick, when you think about it, but there aren’t real tricks. Of course, this changes a bit in online games. There is one blackjack trick beside the system – while you have to get to casinos and memorize the system, here you can just see it as you play. Another online blackjack trick is the ability to play for free – this’ll make you better at blackjack, and won’t set you back hundreds of dollars doing so. Blackjack payout:

 Blackjack payouts are very easy to remember, as blackjack pays 3 to 2, and all other bets pay 1 to 1. In casinos that allow the surrender option, you can lose only half your bet if you are sure you cannot beat the dealer, in stead of all of it.

 So, to summarize blackjack payouts – everything but a blackjack pay 1 to 1, a blackjack pays 3 to 2. How to play blackjack?

 First you’ll need to find yourself a table (When you play online blackjack, all of this becomes easier, as you just have to click, but not all of us are as lucky as to play online blackjack…). Blackjack tables usually have the inscription “blackjack pays 3 to 2” on them, so they can be easily spotted. Now, find out if this table is one with betting limits that suit you – there should be a sign, clearly stating the betting limits.

These signs are usually color coded – red for lower limit ($3 or $5), green for $25, and black for $100 as minimum bets. Then you should look at the game type – beginners are usually better with the 6 to 8 decks of cards game (“shoe”), because the cards are placed on top of the tabletop and the dealer can help making decisions by asking the player directing questions. After choosing your table, and taking a seat, you’d probably like to play. You will need, in that case, some chips. How do you buy chips? Wait for a little break in the action, and put the money in front of you. The dealer, who won’t take anything, including money, from your hands, because of security reasons, will take the money from the table, exchange the whole amount of money, with no change, and will then drop the money to a slot in the tabletop. The dealer will push your chips over to you, and now you’re a blackjack player too.

The chips, of course, are color coded: $5 are represented by the color red, $25 are represented by the color green, $100 are represented by the color black, $1 is represented, usually, by the color silver, and some casinos have $2.50 chips, which are usually pink. The colors vary widely for chips in the more then $100 chips, but casinos usually opt for a purple $500 chip. An appropriate buying value is 10 to 20 times your average bet, just so you’d know. Once you’re sure that you were given the right amount of chips, and that you know all of the values of your given chips, you are welcome to join the game.

To make a bet, you just have to put one stack of chips in the right spot – in a box or a circle painted on the table in front of you. If the chips are of different value, put the higher value chips lower in the stack. You must put the chips in the betting box before any cards are dealt, and can’t touch the bet after that. The dealer, if needed, can count your chips. When the hand is over, the dealer will move around from player to player, collecting money from the losers, and paying the winners. If you want to let your bet ride, stack up the previous bet and the winnings to one stack. The dealer will sometimes ask you if you want to color up your chips. That means exchanging groups of smaller value chips for smaller groups of higher value chips.

To color up your chips, you should wait the end of the hand, and push the chips out in front of you, between betting boxes, so they can’t be seen as a bet. The dealer will then count your chips, and will color your chips up. After you’re done with the game, you can take your winning and leave the table – you then can go to the cashier, and get your chips’ worth in cash. Game moves: Sure, one can choose to play online blackjack, so he / she can just click, but how can anyone who plays regular blackjack sign what he wants to be done? Well, the best advice is just to watch the other players, but you can get a clue what the moves you’re supposed to do right here: Tap the table behind your cards with a finger. Scrape your hand-held cards across the table lightly.

Wave your hand horizontally over the cards. Tuck the cards you held, face-down, under your bet. State that you want to double down. Toss the two cards face-up on the table in front of your bet. The dealer will tuck the card, facing down, under your bet, to be revealed later. [and state that you want to double down.] State that you want to split. Toss the two cards face-up on the table in front of your bet. [and state that you want to split.] If you are bust, the dealer will take your cards and bet. If you are bust, toss the two cards in your hand face up on the table. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and play blackjack!


Museums, Parks and Casinos Are Great to Visit Alone on Vacation

Some places are better to go to when you are alone. You feel more comfortable in places that allow you to take your time and think about what you are seeing and doing just like. Casinos like situs judi bola terbesar, Museums, and zoos are always good places to visit when you are alone since you can take your time and see what you want to.

Treasure Island Casino in Welch, Minnesota allows you to gamble, swim and eat without feeling like you should be with someone. You can comfortably have fun and stay overnight right at the resort. You don’t have to drive anywhere to have fun in several different ways. You can see what there is to do at

Las Vegas, Nevada is the best place to go to gamble but if you are alone you can go and feel like you are at a party with friends. Everyone is trying to have fun there and you can go with the flow. Gamble, swim and just take a walk downtown and look at the fabulous lights. I found the Stratosphere a good place to stay at a good price. You can find hotels and shows and places to eat at

Any museum is great to go to if you are alone. You can learn and concentrate on the exhibits you want to without worrying about getting separated from your party. You can go to any museum near where you are. The Smithsonian Institute is the best since it is the largest and there is something for everyone’s interest there. Check it out at

Colonial Williamsburg is great to visit alone for the same reason. Take your time and enjoy what you are interested in. See more about it and where you can stay at

The National Parks are great to visit alone. For example, Bryce Canyon Arches or Mesa Verde all have great views and hiking trails. Take a hike or drive where ever you like along the park roads. When you are alone you can travel at your own pace. You can find a park and places to stay in the parks at

If the weather is warm you can go to a beach near you and enjoy a day in the sun. Take a picnic and enjoy a relaxing day. You may even meet some nice folks while you are there.

A train trip is a great vacation when you are traveling alone. Pick out a destination that you would like to go to like The National Parks Of The West, or the Canada Snow Train. As you ride you can find many interesting people to talk to. You can enjoy the scenery as the train takes you along the track effortlessly. Enjoy a meal in the dining car or simply read a book. You can find out more about train travel at

Traveling alone is not always fun at places like theme parks where you always need someone to ride along with you on the rides. If you are traveling alone pick a trip that will be of interest, relaxing and fun for you.


5 Best Fortnite Landing Tips For Noobs

As you start your Fortnite game by creating your Fortnite accounts and gathering your team members. After that, the biggest problem that lies in front of you is how you can survive till the end and win the game. In this process, landing plays a vital role which is why these landing tips are going to help you avoid early battles and showdowns with other players.

  1. As you jump from the battle bus you should aim for low terrains, this way you get to decrease your landing time significantly. Moreover, since the parachute in the game opens automatically as you reach a certain height which makes it really important for you to plan your landing zone accordingly.
  2. As you are ready with your landing spot and see other players coming to the same spot make sure that you land next to a weapon as it is really important that you avoid getting killed in the beginning. And if there are no enemies landing nearby then you can look for chests that have much better weapons and supplies. Moreover, building supplies are also important which is why choosing a location with loads of building can be really helpful.
  3. As you get familiar with the game you will learn how there are some spots on the map with much better weapons and supplies making it the favorite for many players. Since you get better loot in these areas you should also expect other players as well. Craggy cliffs, Holly hedges, and dirty docks are really popular among players as well.
  4. If you want a safe and slow start make sure that you land as far as possible from the battle bus and in order to do so you need to open your parachute really quickly so that you can more distance on the map.
  5. The anticipation of your gliding time is also important if there are enemies around you. You should try to land as quickly as possible so that you can land before them and get weapons and supplies before them. Moving at a certain angle will also help you land faster so make sure that you practice this before you start with the real game.



Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

I am not a Bond fan. I never was, but after watching Casino Royale a few weeks ago; if the next set of movies are as good as this I might become a fan. I think it had a fading mention of the agen casino online terpercaya which really caught my interest and attention at the same time. The character of James Bond has been in my opinion a misogynistic promiscuous player, who in the real world should be riddle with venereal diseases. His use of women, sex and alcohol is a bad example for young men (and women). Women are basically in the movie to provide eye candy and also to provide Bond with entertainment and sex while (and after) he saves the world. James Bond is the perfect bad boy. For some reason many women are attracted to those. I never will understand why. Dangerous situations and unsafe sex is not my cup of tea.

I must admit that all of this was going through my mind when I went to see the movie, but I was surprisingly impressed by the film. It has some of those misogynistic undertones, but thankfully he was called on it by a woman who is relatively a “Bond Girl”, but pretty much his equal (Eva Green as Vesper Lynd). She did a good job in standing her ground, yet be able to have a sense that she could be a woman for a man like Bond. SPOILER ALERT: I loved that he was able to open himself to real love and that in the end, even though she betrayed him, she wasn’t a full on bitch. She had mitigating reasons so is not like he has a true reason to be a women hater from this one experience.

This review is going to be brief. If you like Bond films then this is a great movie to continue to be a fan on. If you are Bond hater, give this movie a chance before you dismiss it. It has a lot of the elements that has always encapsulated what a Bond movie is about. There is action, there are sexy women, and there is cynical backtalk and something that all men love… gadgetry. Rich settings and rich looking people with beautiful faces and clothes are what attracted me the most I most admit with a laugh. There are a lot of plot holes that is for sure. The studios are marketing this as a restyling not a prequel (Casino Royale was the first Bond book), but it is a prequel and a restyling of the series.

Daniel Craig dubbed “the blond Bond” by critics, does a good job. I don’t understand why Bond can’t be blond. It is traditional for him to be tall and dark haired, but the color of hair shouldn’t be a factor in deciding if he does a good job as Bond or not. He did a good job in showing emotional content and at the same time have that “Bond quality” of coolness and charm. He is not hard and cynical all the time; he does show softness and care that is very unlike other Bond interpretations that I have seen. I recommend the film for the potential that this new restyling has for the future. One of my major gripes was the intro credits and song; they were both bad so I hope they work on that. I have thought and hoped that the Bond movies were going to be extinct soon. If the next Bond movies continue on this vein I believe that there should be Bond for at least another couple of generations to come.



Playstation 3 to Lose Playstation 2 Backwards Compatibility

Come this fall, the Playstation 3 will no longer have Playstation 2 backwards compatibility. In other words, new Playstation 3 units won’t be able to play Playstation 2 games. The Playstation 3 launched with the Playstation 2 backwards compatibility. The first patch of units, both the 20 GB and 60 GB, has the most compatibility. This is because those include the two main Playstation 2 chips: the Graphics Synthesizer and Emotion Engine. While it wasn’t perfect, the launch units play a majority of the Playstation 2 games (which totaled in the thousands).

Backwards compatibility with games from past consoles is important because they help save space for gamers that don’t want to hook up too many consoles on their television screens. Not to mention that the Playstation 3 can upscale Playstation 2 games on high-definition television sets. From a business point of view, backwards compatibility also assures that games from past consoles will reach new audiences.

Sony ran into trouble, however, given that the Playstation 3 wasn’t selling as well as it was projected. To solve this problem, they had to cut the price of the system. Since Sony was already losing hundreds of dollars for each single Playstation 3 sold, they needed to take some of the features out of the Playstation 3 in order for a price reduction. Thus, the Playstation 2 backwards compatibility feature went to the chopping block.

The 20 GB Playstation 3 unit was the first to be discontinued just several months after the system’s launch in November of 2006. The 60 GB Playstation 3 was next as Sony announced a price cut to clear out the remaining units later that summer.

Playstation 3 owners can still get Playstation 2 backwards compatibility though. At the same time that the 60 GB Playstation 3 price cut was announced, Sony also introduced the 80 GB unit. Unlike its predecessor, this new unit only contains the Graphics Synthesizer chip, with the Emotion Engine being emulated with software. As a result, the 80 GB Playstation 3’s backwards compatibility for Playstation 2 games were more limited than the launch units.

In fall of 2007, the 40 GB unit was introduced. This one lacks both Playstation 2 chips and, thus, isn’t compatible with any Playstation 2 games. Keep in mind that the 40 GB, and every other unit for that matter, is compatible with old PSOne games because PSOne backwards compatibility is completely software emulated. While software emulation is a possibility for Playstation 2 games, Sony hasn’t given any indications in doing so.

The 80 GB unit, currently bundled with the Dual Shock 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, is the last of its kind to feature backwards compatibility with Playstation 2 games.

All indications are that both the 40 GB and the bundled 80 GB unit will also be discontinued to make way for a brand new 80 GB unit with no backwards compatibility shown with poker qq online; as these internet based casino hospitality faculties are really great in terms of their customer preference odds. The current 80 GB bundle (which will probably be gone from store shelves in the fall) will be your last chance to get in on Playstation 2 backwards compatibility.


SSX Snowboading Game Review

The latest and greatest snowboarding video game installment is none other then SSX by EA Sports. The game triumphs as one of the most anticipated and best selling games of 2012. The game’s success is due to the plethora of new features and excellent new game play. The game has much to offer and it’s key points are listed below.

  1. Replay Value/Multiplayer/RiderNet

The game comes paired with an extremely social, competitive, and creative online multiplayer experience. The game allows you and your friends to compete with one another even when only one of you is online. Not only does it post your score or time to the levels scoreboard, but it actually saves a “ghost” of your best run to the level for your friends to race against regardless whether you are online or not. This provides a constant competitive nature to the game that you and your friends can enjoy.

Ridernet also provides online tournaments that players can easily drop in or drop out of. For example you can join an online tournament whenever you wish and place a good score and leave. You do not have to be there when it starts, or when it ends, to have your score entered into the competition. High placing scores are rewarded with in game credits, which can be used to purchase improved gear or unlock levels to play on. Even after you have conquered the globe on the great single player experience “World Tour,” you still have excellent replay value with the games multiplayer experience.

An entirely new feature in the game is the ability to place Geotags throughout all the levels at whatever location you can possibly reach or find. These Geotags are glowing orbs that earn you credits with each run it is not collected by another player. Hiding them from your friends and attempting to collect them is loads of fun and is quite rewarding.

  1. Gameplay

Even with insane, often times ridiculous, stunts that the game allows you to pull off, the mechanics and feel of it all is quite clean cut. Prewinding spins and flips with the left thumbstick gives the insane trick a feel of realism as you propel into the air spinning. This accompanied by the games great sound effects, not to mention that satisfying thump as you stomp the landing, really makes the jump feel like an accomplishment. I myself was not a fan of the SSX series, until recently, due to lack of realism in the game. But now, even though the tricks (when in “Super Tricky”) are impossible, the game really makes up for it in my book by providing great accompanying sound effects, five star graphics and clean cut mechanics.

The game rewards you for your stunts by filling your boost or “tricky” meter. Boosting is a good way to shorten your run time when racing and therefore makes tricking, even while racing, worthwhile. If your boost meter becomes full it enables “tricky.” When this mode is active it allows you to pull off various one foot grabs and grinds as well as providing temporary unlimited boost. The game takes it a step further with “Super Tricky,” this mode allows players to perform no footed grabs, flips and grinds as well as enabling the performing of the characters signature trick. These different stages of shredding reward players for good performance on the course.

Last but not least is the rewind feature. This feature allows you to go back in time, up to 15 seconds, and correct your mistake for a minor penalty. No longer will you have to throw your controller in rage as your character falls to their death off the side of a cliff. All you have to do is hold the left bumper, correct your course, and game on. Penalties for using a rewind include, point reduction if in a tricking run, falling behind, if in a race, and using one of your precious three available rewinds, if in survival mode. I find this one of my favorite features as it keeps the frustration out of the game.

  1. Customization

Although character customization is limited to the games existing characters, the game has many different options for each of them. Hundreds of unlockable suits, armor, oxygen tanks, wingsuits, headlamps and more are all purchased with in game credits. Good performance in the game is rewarded with these credits.The better you get, the richer you become.

Customization is fairly limited in my opinion, the game doesn’t allow for custom graphics on the boards or suits. Also, the ability to create your own unique rider would have made the game better in my opinion. However, even though there is no user created design options, the game has many different options for character appearance. Unfortunately they are all presets, but there is a great variety of them and it is unlikely that another players character will look just like yours.

  1. Overall

The game lacks in customization but really makes up for that in it’s great gameplay and replay value. Ridernet paired with the ability to place Geotags will keep the game interesting long after you have completed the single player experience. It’s an addicting and well produced game that will stay popular for quite some time. This game is well worth the money to buy.

To sum up, ssx snowboading is entertainment at its best and has to be seen to be believed and there can’t be a better thrilling experience than ssx to give you a good dose of euphoria so as to forget your troubles for the time being and is also a huge change of shift in the context of genres and a useful one at that, compared to wasting time surfing various Situs Judi Online to pastime gambling.


Puzzle games- Get the best puzzle games on your android phones

Do you want to test your brainpower? If yes, then puzzle games will be the best for you. You can download various kinds of puzzle games on your android smart-phone like word cookies. These are just like normal games, but you have used your mind in a different way to play the game. You can get monument valley, Cross-word puzzles, and much more on your device. It will make your mind to work faster than before. You can download puzzle games from your play store and start enjoying the game.  

It does not consume more memory as compared to other games. These are small in size but high in mind power. You have to work hard on the levels as it will get hard every time. 

What are the best puzzle games you can get? 

  1. Monument Valley- This is one of the most popular games played on the android phones. In this, you have to solve the puzzles in a free world. This is not a board game, but it is a game in which you will get a character to play on. You have to solve the riddles and clear the levels.  
  1. Rolling ball games- This is a board game in which you will get some pieces to be adjusted. You have to adjust them in order to roll a ball. You have to make a clear path for the ball so that it can roll and reach to its desired destination. It will help in developing the mental skills that can be beneficial for you and to different puzzle games

However, puzzle games can be played by kids or the adults. It is because some kids can be smarter than lots of adults, so this game will help in testing your mental abilities.       


2048: By Gabriele Cirulli

Launched in the year 2014, 2048 is a really engaging and interesting game developed by a 19-year-old Italien web developer. The Italien web developer Cirulli developed this game in just two days as he challenged himself if he is capable of creating a game right from the beginning. To his surprise, this game became really popular with over 4 million users in less than a week.

The main objective for 2048 cupcakes online is that you slide the tiles that are there on your screen in order to combine them and achieve a tile with the number 2048. However, you can still play the game even after getting the 2048 tile. Written in CSS and javascript this game was launched as an open source software by its developers.  

The developed launched this game for Android and iOS devices for free as he wanted nothing from a game that he did not originally invent. There are several other games that are really similar to 2048 such as Threes.  


You start the game on a 4 by 4 grid that has a few numbered tiles in the beginning. The players start the game as they move those tiles using the direction key. As the tiles are moved in a certain direction all the adjacent tiles that have similar numbers on them get added and form one single tile. The players continue this process until they are out of moves or they get a 2048 tile on the grid.  

With the development of the game over the year, we now have a leaderboard and a score panel on the game that counts a player’s score and you get to compare your score with other players online as well.  

The simple controls and the addictive nature of the game make it a really interesting game that players can play to pass their time.  


Refeather Your Empty Nest – Factors to consider while playing the games

It’s time to rethink your nest.

By now your newly minted college grad has moved out. Your princess has found her Prince Charming and left the castle. Their departures may leave you sad but look on the bright side. You have an extra room all to yourselves! What was once private domain is free space, ready to be transformed into whatever you want it to be!

The question now is what should it be?

This is the time to sit down with the spouse and make a list of what you want to do with the extra room plus bath and closet space. You could transform it into a shrine to your fledgling or keep it intact for when he or she returns on weekends and holidays. You could just keep it as is for a guest bedroom. Yet do you really want visitors to sleep in a room with the solar system splattered across the ceiling or fuzzy hot pink chairs littered about? If you’re going to have a guest room, then let it grow up. First get rid of the old furniture. Bring it to the Salvation Army. If you and the fledgling are sentimental about it, then store it in the attic for his or her future kids. Once that’s done and the room is completely empty , then repaint . You’ll have to remove those tape marks anyway so why not do it in one clean sweep. Now is the time to replace those adolescent purples, pinks and yes even blacks with soothing colors such as chocolate, sand and tan. Add wallpaper if you want to create a charming country inn look. Get a bedroom suite in the paler woods along with new sheets and comforters. Definitely get rid of the fledgling’s funky lava lamps and track lighting. Think about softer lighting that your future guests would like. Also consider new carpets. You can refurbish with some pretty ovals or go or wall to wall carpeting. It won’t get messed up now that there are no messy teen get togethers.Recheck the room’s outlets too during this time. You don’t want any problems when visitors plug in their appliances. This is also the time to look over the adjoining bathroom. You may want to get the tub refitted, or add a new sink. Check plumbing to make sure the pipes are in working order and aren’t rustng. Remember to also check for mold and wood rot as well. You don’t want weekend guests getting ill due to mildewing fixtures.

If you’re completely selfish then turn the empty nest into your nest. A regular home theater may not fit but that shouldn’t stop you from turning the area into a media room. You can still get a plasma TV complete with fancy sound system. This is also the time to move your DVDs and even old videotapes into the area. Think about adding a comfy sectional along with a few recliners. If you want, buy a sofa bed so you can still have a guest room. Another fun addition would be a mini fridge for snacks and drinks along with a wine rack. You can watch or listen to favorites as you feast on cheese and wine.

Hobbyists rejoice when their young’uns leave home. Their old rooms give parents more space to indulge their passion for creating things. If you’re into crafts this is the perfect time to transform the space into an atelier. Install squared shelving to hold yarns and fabrics. Buy easy to assemble cabinets that will hold everything from buttons to spools of thread to sequins. Think about placing a sturdy worktable for laying and cutting out patterns. Most hobby rooms have bright overhead lighting to help enthusiasts work on finer details. Set up overhead fixtures now before you go blind from sewing tiny stitches or painting miniature furniture. If you’re into music, then have a new stereo system installed along with racks to hold your CDs. You can also use Junior’s old room to store instruments and stands. Consider putting in a few glassed etageres to hold rare sheet music and antique metronomes.

Many empty nesters had an entirely different idea when dealing with the empty space. They converted the room into much needed closet inches. This enabled them to properly store seasonal clothes along with accessories without having stuff in jammed closets or up in messy attics. Closet conversion can be overwhelming but companies like California Closet can help you with the change over. They have units where shelving bars and cabinets are put up to guarantee wrinkle free , easy to grab clothing and shoes. You can build your own version if you feel their pricing (anywhere from $500 to $1300) is too expensive .Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and K-Mart manufacture units suitable for an entire wardrobe. Also consider installing rails around the room to hold hangers . You can also pack your towels and linens in here if you want too, plus it’s great for storing sports and running gear.

Empty nesters shouldn’t feel sad when their fledglings leave the nest. It just means you have his or her old room again. Have fun with it creating the perfect guest room or retreat. The PS4 accessories and modifications will enhance the gaming experience of the gamers .The boosting of the console can be done through the accessories.

Turn that empty room into your own cozy little one!


Super Smash Bros. Brawl Strategy: Pink Ball Repulsion Event

For the Pink Ball Repulsion Event in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, not only do you have to defeat your opponent but you also have to beat the clock at the same time. Sounds like a daunting task doesn’t it? Here are some tips to help you out in this quick but somewhat difficult event.


The rivalry between Kirby and Meta Knight has spilled over to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The two well-rounded fighters are battling out once again. As the newcomer Meta Knight, you must stop Kirby from boarding your special battleship, the Halberd. In order to do so, you must defeat Kirby before the Halberd arrives. To help Meta Knight out, you are given 2 stocks of life compare to just 1 for Kirby.

Unlocking the Event

The Pink Ball Repulsion Event in the forth event, meaning it is unlocked from the very start of the game. If the person wants to unlock the event, then they should contact to the 토토먹verification websites. These websites will provide assistance to the gamers.


By beating the Pink Ball Repulsion Event, you will be rewarded the Halberd Trophy. Since you must beat 7 of the first 10 events to unlock Event #11-#20, you may also need to beat this particular event. Lastly, you must beat this event in order to unlock Event #41.

Basic Strategies


The Halberd stage will begin in a hangar housing Meta Knight’s battleship. After ten seconds about 10 seconds, the Halberd will take off and the stage will transform into a smaller platform chasing after the battleship.

When the platform finally lands on the battleship, the Halberd will be frequently bombarding the stage with lasers and cannons. That won’t happen in the Pink Ball Repulsion Event, however. Once Kirby boards the Halberd, it is game over.

You will have a time limit of approximately 1 minute and 24 seconds to defeat Kirby before the stage arrives on the Halberd.


You won’t need to worry about Kirby hurting you since he is more concerned about running away and evading. Not to mention that you have one more stock of life than him anyway. Hitting Kirby can be a chore because he is quick and can float in the air for a long time.


Meta Knight is great at dealing damage. His Mach Tornado and Drill Rush special moves will do wonders against Kirby. The hard part comes when trying to knock Kirby out. Meta Knight’s smash attacks are a little weak but it should suffice if you can keep up the assault. His Shuttle Loop special works well but is a little hard to pull off.


Items rarely appear in the Pink Ball Repulsion Event. So when they appear, pick them up immediately. Picking up and throwing items at Kirby is a quick and easy way to knock him out. If you are lucky, the throw-friendly Capsule item will spawn during this event.

Kirby is pretty elusive but if you can keep attacking him, he will fall to you eventually. Just beat him fast enough (under the time limit) and you will beat the Pink Ball Repulsion Event.