Easy to Make Homemade Chinese “Takeout”

I absolutely love Chinese fast food but where I live, good Chinese restaurants are few and far between. Because of this, I have learned how to make several of my favorite Asian dishes at home. I was surprised to find that many of these dishes are really easy to make. Once you get the hang of it, you could be like me and prefer your own versions of the dishes to the ones at the restaurant. However, before you start with the preparation of any of the dishes doing a food tolerance test can be helpful. Food Intolerance Test is designed to help detect the food that you body is capable of handling. This way you can avoid ingestion and other digestive problems. 

Many Chinese restaurants start the meal with egg rolls and soup. My favorite soup is egg drop soup. After much research, I finally found a recipe for egg drop soup that is delicious and so easy, you won’t believe it. Bring four cups of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add three cubes of chicken bouillon and let them dissolve. While you’re waiting, break two eggs into a cup or bowl and scramble them with a fork. When all the bouillon has dissolved, turn the broth down to a slow boil. Then slowly pour in the scrambled egg mixture. You should see the egg turn into noodles as it hits the water. (If it doesn’t, pour it all out and try again.) Allow the soup to continue to cook for another minute or two, season with salt and pepper to taste and top with chopped green onions.

Lots of people love fried rice but have absolutely no idea how to make it properly. For four servings, make the appropriate amount of rice and allow it to dry out slightly (for best results, use something other than minute rice. I like jasmine rice.) You can even do this the night or a couple of days beforehand. Once you’re ready to cook, take a large wok or deep nonstick pan, set to medium heat and pour three tablespoons of sesame oil into the pan. Next, add your meat of choice and season accordingly (try a pound of chopped chicken with a little ginger, minced garlic, chopped onion, pepper, and soy sauce). Once the meat is completely cooked, add the rice and mix thoroughly. Season the mixture with salt, pepper, garlic powder (if you didn’t already add minced garlic), a dash of ginger, and soy sauce to taste. Mix the rice well again and add vegetables. Add as many of the following as you like: peas, carrots, baby corn, broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots.

Finally, end your meal with a favorite Chinese takeout dessert: sugar biscuits. Just grab a 12-ounce can of regular biscuits from the grocery store (don’t get the flaky kind, they won’t turn out right) and separate the biscuits. Heat about two cups of vegetable oil in a deep pan to 350 degrees. Place several biscuits in the oil then fry until golden brown. Once one side is done, flip to fry the other side. Remove the biscuits from the oil and allow them to drain on paper towels for a couple of minutes. Then, dip them in a bowl of sugar to coat all sides. Once they’re cool enough to handle, eat and enjoy!


Improve Digestive Health with These Kitchen Remedies

Tummy trouble plagues us all from time to time, and in our house, with two teens and a 6-year-old, we have experienced our share of heartburn, gas, digestive cramping, bloating and other digestive issues as well as stomach bugs and flus. An upset gastrointestinal tract can have a negative impact on our mental health, our energy levels and our overall quality of life, so keeping the tummy happy helps keep us healthy.

An estimated 60 to 70 million people are affected by some sort of digestive disorder, and the chronic conditions spur about $141.8 billion in spending on various prescriptions and remedies, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse.

Like so many other people, we’ve made many late-night trips to the grocery store for antacids and over the years have spent a lot of money on various over-the-counter remedies like acid blockers or other products to treat some of the common problems associated with some of the minor digestive problems such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and heartburn. The home remedies should include megaspore pro biotic component to kill the germs from the food. The bacteria can be good or bad that is present in the body of the person.

But then we learned that some home remedies from kitchen work just as well as the store bought remedies, and some actually improve digestion, making over-the-counter antacids unnecessary. Readers who are currently taking any medications should check with their medical care providers before consuming home remedies to ensure that there are no potentially harmful complications between home remedies and their medication.

Ginger: Ginger’s ability to sooth troubled tummies is legendary. But not all ginger products are created equal. While ginger ale is commonly consumed when people feel sick, most commercial brands do not actually have any ginger in them at all and those that do have ginger, have only trace amounts. Ginger tablets are available and are commonly used on cruise ships to settle motion sickness. Also ginger candy, ginger gum and ginger are fairly easy to find. But none works as well as using fresh ginger. To keep the tummies in our house happy, we make a fresh juice every morning with ginger, carrots and orange. The fresh juice provides us with vital nutrients and the ginger does wonders for the intestinal track. To make the juice, combine about five carrots, one large orange and about an inch of fresh, peeled ginger root in juicer. Ginger tea is also easy to make from home – just add a bit of peeled ginger to your tea as it seeps.

Saffron. Yes, saffron can be expensive, but a little bit does go a long way. And in reality, buying antacids several times a month can also be expensive. As well as being used to add a glorious yellow hue to food, saffron has been used as a digestive aid for centuries and can be added to tea. Researchers believe that saffron stimulates circulation to the digestive organs and coats the membranes of the stomach and colon, according to the website,

Coconut water. Coconut water is beginning to grow in popularity and is now easily available in most grocery stores. Over the years it has been touted as a weight loss aid, cure for acne as well as a hangover remedy. High in potassium, electrolytes and iron, coconut water is also low in calories. Be sure to look for a brand with no added sugar. In our house, whenever someone has a stomach bug and is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, we have them drink pure coconut water – it helps to rehydrate and replace lost electrolytes.

Mineral water. Natural mineral water is another great digestive aid as it includes bicarbonates, the main ingredient in over-the-counter heartburn remedies. Drinking it each day can help keep the digestive system balanced and happy. There are many different types of mineral water on the market and the prices vary. Look for one that is natural rather than one where the bicarbonates are simply added to flat water. Mineral water can be consumed by itself or is great mixed with juice or even tea. Try mixing equal parts mineral water, coconut water and pineapple juice for a quick and tasty tummy tickler.

Tummy soothing tea: Combine in tea brewing ball or basket about one teaspoon saffron and about an inch of peeled, chopped ginger. Add your favorite tea. We have found that a nice mild jasmine or rosehip tea works nicely, but any tea will do. Pour about three cups of boiling water – more or less according to your taste – and allow to seep until desired strength is achieved. Enjoy each morning to keep your digestive system happy.


Halloween Costumes – Top 3 most popular Costume for Couples!

Nothing is better than Halloween that is considered as one of the best time of the year. It would be better to buy crazy traditional costumes. One should find out a genuine commercial website where you can easily avail the perfect Halloween costumes. According to professionals, Halloween is considered one of the biggest holidays of the year.

Make sure that you are buying scary or interesting Halloween costumes. Find out a perfect commercial website where you can easily avail the perfect Halloween dresses at a reasonable worth. Make sure that you are investing money in the Flame Resistant material that would be great for you. Majority of the websites are out there that are providing different types of crafting material. One must consider pirate costumes that will look better on you. Following are 3 one of the best costumes for couples.

  • Sully and Boo from Monster’s Inc

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween costume for couples, then you should consider Sully and Boo. All you need to wear a pink T-Shirt with leggings as well. Make sure that you are choosing a perfect dress.

  • Bacon and Eggs

It would be better to opt for Breakfast-themed costumes like Bacon and Eggs that are especially available for the couples only. One should find out a perfect commercial website where you can easily avail pirate costumes with ease.

  • Nick and Judy from Zootopia

One must consider Halloween costume like Nick and Judy where you have to wear a lot of special things like Shirt, Sports bra, Jeans and other important badges properly.

Conclusive words

Lastly, make sure that you are choosing a perfect costume that looks perfect on you. If you are looking for something special, then sully and BOO would be reliable for you.


Pie’s The Limit: A Great Pizza Place in Springfield

If you’re looking for a pizza lørenskog in Springfield which guarantees the best quality pizza possible, then one of the best is for sure, Pie’s The Limit. It’s a shop that’s dedicated to giving you fast options, but not without any compromise for the quality. The toppings are virtually unlimited, and they are all made to order and given out in front of you. It’s really about keeping the pizza fast, and of course fresh, with all of it easily ready in mere minutes.


They offer two kinds of pizzas, namely Specialty Pizzas, and those that you can build on your own. For the former, there are as many as 9 varieties, depending on what you want. Whether you’re into meat, or veggies, or even desert pizzas, they have a wide array of options for you. From classics to the fusions like Southern BBQ, Spicy Italian, or even some good old While Garlic! Indeed, there’s something for everyone. You also have the option to make your own pizza, picking your own sauce, cheese, and toppings of either veggies or meats.


There are different types of pastas and salads that you can choose from, apart from pizzas here at Pie’s The Limit. It’s your choice of Caesar, BLT, Southwestern, Chef, Side, or Italian for the Salads. Pizzas and Salads usually go well together, and this is also a great choice if you love to watch on your weight or at least, go light on the diet.


They offer Italian staples, and pasta is definitely one of them. Indeed, Pie’s The Limit is a company that manages to deliver, and their pasta does not fail to impress at all! It’s your choice on whether to get bow tie pasta and meatballs, carbonara, or basil pesto.


Sous Vide Cooking For The Highest Delicacy!

If you are that type of person that gets sad after a MasterChef season reaches an end, then maybe you need to get your hands on Sous-vide cooking. It’s a French way of cooking food inside vacuum, preferably inside a plastic bag and instead of direct contact with fire borne heat, steam does the job to heat up whatever is in the plastic bag and finally cook. Sous video cooking takes much lesser temperature than regular cooking, and the final output is absolutely delicious. Meat is the most common dish done through sous vide way, and there’s no overcooking in this process. Also the natural moisture is mostly kept within the fleshes in a healthy way, resulting in a very tasty treat for an enthusiast.

Things You’ll Need

If you are planning on sous vide cooking then you must check out Sous Vide Wizard, the first thing you’ll need are few vacuum bags. Should be bigger enough to accommodate the food that would be cooked. However, experts in sous vide cooking don’t always opt for vacuum bags because any sort of steam delivery even through a temperature-controlled water bath would do the job, but for starters we would recommend using a vacuum bag.

The sous vide cooking is a very unique and excellent technique to be cooking food with extreme control over the outside, because there’s no way a dish would be overcooked or undercooked – the natural look retains, so does all the healthy properties of a specific meal. Say vegetables or eggs, they would look as if they are still in the rawest form but actually cooked – isn’t that wonderful?

Nothing much is required for sous vide cooking apart from vacuum bags, but something that would be able to provide the ‘temperature controlled water bath’ environment is needed.  There are dedicated gears for sous vide cooking and you’ll preferably find them in any posh supermarket, but even an immersion circulator could do most part of the job.

An immersion circulator is basically a water heater that works in higher precision and accuracy – it takes in the water, heats it up and circulates it back into a tub or water pot. The circulation tendency of this device allows for efficient and healthy heating of water.

And for perfection, having a vacuum sealer will help you get the bags sealed in a nice gentle manner.

Pros and Cons

Apparently, sous vide cooking comes with some prominent pros and cons; and if you consider getting into the hobby then you should at least know them.


  • Sous vide cooking results in freshly cooked food – be it meat, fish or vegetable.
  • The cook gets absolute control over how the exterior of food would look, as well as avoiding overdone or underdone food.
  • Keeping a food at a desired temperature for long is comfortably possible without burning the food, or losing its texture.
  • No matter how raw the meat or fish looks, they are free of all bacteria due to exposure in heat for long.



  • For a new hobbyist in sous vide; trip to a supermall for the equipment would be necessary.
  • The cook needs to have plenty of time for the dishes, because it will take very long.
  • If you prefer meat or fish with a brownish outlook, sous vide is not going to be your forte.
  • Temperature control is very important – it’s a difficult process.


Sous vide might appear to be a lengthy and difficult process, but it is not. Once you really get into sous vide, it’s difficult to withdraw until you have cooked at least a few meals and invited your bits over for a delicious treat!