123movies: Movies And More

If you’re on the lookout for means in order for you to watch the movie of your choice, and if you wish to save on cash at the same time, given that going to the theatre would most definitely entail shelling out a few bucks, or if you don’t want to go outside and would just want to watch movies at the comfort of your very own home, then one of the sites which allow you to do all this is 123 movies.123moviesThe internet nowadays with faster speeds allow for streaming of larger files, such as movies. While downloading through torrent is one popular means of getting movies for free, if you want to save on physical memory, your next greatest option would definitely be to make use of a browser-based movie hosting site, and this is exactly what 123movies is. The following are the features of this site:

Watch Movies Anytime in HD

123movies gives you a wide array of movies you can watch online, which you could select based on either genre or country. These movies could be streamed in full HD, and you can watch as many movies as you want, all for free! 

Stay Updated With News

Not only is 123movies a great site for watching movies, it also keeps you updated on the latest happenings in the music and movie industry through their news page! Through this part of the site, you are also given reviews and recommendations for movies, as well as feature articles to leave you informed.123movies

Free Music

Not only does 123movies give you free movies, you could also listen to your favourite tracks as well! Their catalogue is regularly updated, hence giving you up-to-date music whenever, wherever!

Request a Movie of your Choice

This feature is available for registered users, allowing you to ask for the movie you want to watch for free.


Stay Updated With Your Latest Series

If you have a favorite serial but you have lately managed to miss some of the episodes because you are short on time there is no need to be disappointed. You can now catch the latest episodes of your favorite serials online whenever you want. There are a number of streaming apps that enable you to watch series online and even movies at any given point in time without any interruptions. With this website you do not even need to register in order for you to watch TV movies or serials. While some people choose to record the serials on the television and watch it later, they are restricted to watching this serial in your home and since most people do not have a lot of time in hand they end up deleting the serials without even watching them because they forget about it. online-watching-stuffYou can even access the serials on your smartphone which gives you the liberty to watch it whenever you have spare time. You can watch it while you are travelling to and from work and you can keep yourself updated on the latest happenings on the serials that you love the most.online-watching-stuffThe website also provides you with some amazing movies that you can watch every now and then. The movies are free to access and the best part about this link is there are multiple movies that you can choose to watch. Apart from the latest movies that you can watch, the website also provides you with some of the old movies that you can enjoy. No other website platform allows you to watch movies that are not very new or popular. Every person has their own choice and while some people like certain movies more than the other it is difficult to find those movies anywhere because they aren’t as popular as some of the other movies.


Benefits Of Watching Movies

Physical, emotional, psychologically, and social well-being is important to the life of any human being. But not many would believe it upon hearing that movies can offer most of such life rudiments. Here are some of the added benefits to expect from movies.free movies online

Movie watching Pros

  1. Better Readiness for life

Watching movies especially horror movies can take you through a rollercoaster of emotions and reaction. While perceived as negative to some movie watchers, this roller coaster experience helps by providing you with the readiness of real life experience and eventualities such as: death of a loved one, birth of your first child, marriage and so on and so forth.   It also helps you to be alert and keener on what goes around you. The latter point is important especially in the terror prevalent world that we all live in.

  1. Helps in Catharsis

The adrenaline rush created by watching action movies helps the brain to secret chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals have a catharsis effect by helping the body relieving stress and anxiety.

  1. Enhances Family and Relationship Bonds

Perhaps because of the nature of work these days you have not been able to spend time with your kids, spouse or loved one. Taking time to watch a movie at the theatre may help to reignite the strong family bond that you have with each other. It will give you a good laugh and create a free environment to talk with your family and display the less serious side of you.

  1. Increases Intelligence

In Steve Johnson’s book “ Everything Bad is Good for You” complex movies and series such as Lost and Battle star Galactica help children, as well as adults to think harder and thus become smarter as they make it difficult to understand what is happening.free movies online


Thanks to the increased use of the internet and android phones across the world, you can now watch movies online.


Here’s Why Deep House Music Can Liven Up Your Party

If you are keen on playing some of the best music at your party it is best to play some deep house music to keep the party alive. Deep house is a subgenre of house music which has become increasingly popular in recent times. While there are a number of different music genres that you can pick to play at your party, this is one of the most loved genres that is sure to impress your guests and keep them hooked on to the dance floor for a long time.


One of the main elements to the success of any party is the kind of music that is played. While people spend a lot of time and money on picking the right food, drinks and décor for a party, they often tend to ignore the music that will be played. It is very important to play music that your guests love so they enjoy themselves.

Deep house is house music that has been revamped. It has a techno, electric and jazz beat to it that makes it more peppy and desirable. The music is addictive and once this music plays, people can’t stop themselves from shaking a leg on the dance floor. This is one of the best things that you could want at a party.


Parties are usually in evening affairs and most people who attend parties are tired from a hectic day at work. If you want them to lighten up their mood and feel energized instantly, playing the right music is essential. Since house music is the most loved genre when it comes to music, it is the safest option that you can go in for. Playing popular deep house tracks means keeping the party alive and keeping people on their feet no matter how tired they are.


Bluetooth Earbuds

We are heading into the end of the year 2016 and there have been a few new products that deserve recognition, some reputed companies have gone and designed some state-of-the-art Bluetooth ear buds; there are nineteen wireless blue tooth ear buds or headphones that will make you happy, read more to find out about them. Get rid of another set of wires in your life by upgrading to a new pair of blue tooth earbuds that won’t break the bank. Plus, now that new Iphone7 has been launched recently the Bluetooth ear buds are the best as it is designed perfectly for the users – they are light, supremely comfortable, and great- looking, thanks to their metal construction. Users can tweak their sonic experience with this handy and beautiful device. It’s expensive but worth buying.There are many varieties to choose from these blue tooth ear buds. The user can choose according to their budget and comfort.

The ROAM ROPES: kanoa-wireless-earbuds

They are a bold new bluetooth ear buds designed to be worn like a necklace. Their sound quality is very good having high- end audio drivers and a proprietary EQ engine. It allows users to experience the sound according to their requirements via the smartphone app.ROAM are also involved with an organisation ‘Stand up tp Cancer’ to which it donates 100$ for every pair of earbuds they sell. So, essentially you’ll be supporting a great cause if you decide to buy them. It is available in three colors and the price is around $199.

The NuForce BE6i:beats-powerbeats2-wireless-2

These Bluetooth ear buds are an interesting pick. It has top-notch sound quality and a great battery life. The earbuds magnetically attach to each other, allowing users to not to worry about losing them while they are not jamming. There are two colors to pick from, gold and grey.

The Rowkin Mini:

The Rowkin Mini is undoubtedly one of the finest piece of tech available in the market for Bluetooth ear buds. The biggest highlight of the Rowkin mini isits size; the Rowkin mini is so small that it’s almost invisible when worn on the ear. Another neat feature of the Rowkin mini is its portable charging case. The charger is quite compact and can easily be carried along, on the go. The charger is magnetic which allows for a delightful charging process. You just bring the ear buds near the charger and they automatically get attached due to the magnetic attraction.

The sound quality is not amazing but is worth its price. It totally caters to the target audience who want utility, that is to pick up calls hand-free, rather than the audio performance. The rowkin mini fits the bill if you want something cool and flashy. The Rowkin mini is available for the price of 59.99$, and they are available in a wide range of colors.

If you want to grab your own pair be sure to read more about them on the internet to stay updated with the latest Bluetooth earbuds in the market.


Features Of Good Dj Headphones

Headphones should be capable of producing sounds accurately. Along with it, they should also be really comfortable to be worn for long times. For a DJ, it is essential that there headphones contains all the features which makes them capable of playing good tracks on DJ and organize them well for audience to enjoy. Some of the features which are a must in good DJ headphones include the following;

Let’s you use them on one ear

One of the basic ways in which a DJ uses the headphone is, plugging the monitor speaker in one ear and then listening incoming track in the other. Hence, if you are not able to comfortably place the headphones on one ear, then they are surely not the right piece for you to pick.


Comfortable round your neck

DJs are not always willing to carry the headphones all the time on their head. They usually cue there tracks, and wipe it off from their ears to place it around the neck. So, if in case the headphone around your neck irritates you or does not suits you, then there is no point purchasing it.

Coiled cable


When in case of leisure headphones coiled cables looks inappropriate, it is a must for good DJ headphones. The basic reason behind this is, you spend most of your time in front of the gear but at times you would have to move to places distant from it. With the help of long coiled cables you would be appropriately do so and do things which are important while you are playing tracks for listeners.

Colored sound

Being a DJ I am sure you would not be interested in having an audiophile sound, instead you would need something that facilitates easy beat matching. Thus, punchy bass or clear bids are more important than to have a headphone which produces sophisticated sounds. So, keep in mind this essential feature in headphone before finalizing the purchase.


Get Fun In Water

In this hot and humid climate, it is very difficult to fight with the high temperature. Therefore, in order to survive, people look for different options that can provide some relief from this weather. Many people tend to have a swimming pool inside their homes for having some cool time in this hot weather. But, even if you don’t have a swimming pool inside your home, you can go to public places where swimming is allowed. There are many elements that are made in context to enjoy the pool time.

One such element that can provide you with the maximum comfort while you are in a swimming pool is the pool raft. It is basically made up of materials that can float in water. Therefore, there is no risk of sinking into the water. Pool rafts are basically designed to provide comfort while swimming or relaxing in the pool. The benefits of having a pool raft are –


  • You can lie down on the raft like you do on the bed and relax.
  • You can also sit on the raft and enjoy a drink in the pool.
  • If you are in a pool party then, rafts can be very helpful for accommodating the people.
  • Generally, rafts are used for relaxing in the pool or taking sunbathe in the pool.


Being in the water can be a fun and you can do a lot more than just swimming. Moreover, if there is a pool raft available then you can have the best water fun while you are in the swimming pool. The Swimming pool can be an asset in this type of weather when the sun is right over your head and the temperature is rising every day. So, in order to get some relief, enjoy the pool time.


The Unlimited Movie Fun!

Once a movie fan is always a movie fan, and all that changes is the choice of the movies and the ways to get access to it. Movies hold a prominent place in our lives, and it brings one of the major sources of entertainment which allows us to make the most meaningful use of our leisure time. Today, the world has become smart, and our lives are to a very large extent influenced by the apps that have been developed to bring to us a lot of ease and convenience. The human race to a very large extent has got dependant on the use of the apps, and the influence of the same is increasing each day. Showbox app is one such example, which has brought for us a prominent means of entertainment. showbox-movies-free-movies-netflix-playbox-megabox-showbox

What does the showbox allows?

Showbox is basically a movie streaming app which allows the users to download and stream their favourite movies, so that they do not have to wander around looking out for the suitable movie shows. The showbox app makes life easier and more comfortable, where now for watching the movies, you do not have to visit the theatres or arrange for the other sources.ShowBox-Movies

The showbox app features include the following;

  • Download and stream movies as well as other TV series.
  • All the videos are available in High Definition quality, so everything that you access at showbox is of the most superior quality.
  • The app could be access from any place around the globe, as it is a universal app, not blocked or banned at any corner of the world. The mode of access is universal, meaning by you could download it from your smart phone, or tablet.
  • Not only the videos but the showbox app allows you to download the subtitles as well. So now, just one application, and all the purpose resolved.

Unlimited movies, unlimited fun!

The showbox app allows you to get access to unlimited fun through the unlimited movies and TV shows online. The video stuff is available for free, and now you no more have to worry about the TV shows that you might have missed while they were live on your TV. The accessibility factor makes the application more renowned and convenient.

Now you have access your favourite showbox app from your smart phone, laptop, PC, iPhone, or mac. The show box app has unlimited movie collection, you name it and you can download it. The procedure for the same is also too easy to be accessed, making it a convenient affair for the people. Stream or download your favourite movies and TV series without stopping yourself.

Once you download it, you will fall in love with this app and that is for sure. The ease and convenience with which the app is available is what makes it a must own for the movie lovers. The internet has made wonders, and it won’t be wrong to call showbox app an wonder which brings unlimited entertainment.


Defend the gym and earn free coins

okemon Go is the latest buzz around the world, and almost every individual is crazy about the games. For gamers to enjoy every feature of this game, it is important for them to have pokecoins with which they can have access to the store and make purchase of different items. Users even have the option of spending real cash in the store, but I am sure none of us would be interested in doing so and might be looking for ways which can give them access to free Pokemon go coins.006_maxresdefault 

One of the best ways of earning free coins is to have your Pokemon stationed to near one of the gyms to defend it. One can defend up to 10 gyms at a time, and for defending each one of them they will help you earn 10 coins. So, in every 21 hours you will be able to claim 10 coins and in order to claim it all you have to do is go to a nearby Poke shop.009_maxresdefault

While you are at the gym, you need not have to be the only one to put your claims forward or you need not have to be in the first place. All is required is, you should have enough CP to claim place of a gym trainer and this will be sufficient for you to earn coins from the game. One of the best tricks which can help you earn good amount of free coins in the game is, leave the strongest Pokemon in front of the gym or take over a gym which is based in a remote area and hardly any visitors comes to the place. These two things can help you defend the gym without much problem and help you earn maximum free Pokemon go coins.

Users can even try various cheat and hacking tools, and try to earn free coins for competing and playing the game.


Watch Suicide Squad Movie on August 5, 2016

This coming August 5, 2016, the movie titled Suicide Squad will be released in the big screens. It is actually an American superhero themed movie, which is made based on the popular DC Comics. The distributor of such film is none other than Warner Bros. Pictures, and it is directed by the Superb American film director, David Ayer. David Ayer is also the writer of the movie and the movie producers are Richard Suckle and Charles Roven. You can be able to watch Suicide Squad in IMAX 3D, 2D, and 3D cinemas.maxresdefault Meet Some of the Movie’s Major Casts

The Suicide Squad is being starred with several extremely famous celebrities in the United States. In case you are very curious about them, then let’s try to know them together with their roles in the said movie.will-smith-why-deadshot-suicide-squad

    • Will Smith – The role of Will Smith here is the expert assassin and marksman known as Deadshot. He is actually a conflicted criminal, and he enjoys the fact that the authorities are constantly searching for him. Even though he is a criminal, he still tries to do good things just for the sake of his lovely young daughter.
    • Jared Leto – Jared Leto takes the role of a psychopathic supervillain known as Joker. In order to look more supervillain, David Ayer suggested that Jared should wear some tattoos. The role is actually an extreme challenge for Jared. In fact, he talked to a number of doctors and psychopaths to be well-prepared on the movie.

  • Margot Robbie – Margot Robbie is taking the role of a crazed supervillain as well as a previous psychiatrist known as Harley Quinn. Such character is something like full of emotions. The character can be very scary, funny, crazy and so many other emotions that you can feel.
  • Joel Kinnaman – Joel Kinnaman is the replacement of Tom Hardy in the role. Tom cannot make it due to conflict schedules. Joel takes the role of the Suicide Squad’s field leader known as Rick Flag. He takes action according to the orders of a government official, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).