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Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Remake: My Thoughts

It has happened horror fans, Freddy Krueger is getting the remake treatment. Worse news is we might be getting a new Krueger with Robert Englund believing a younger actor should take over the role.

As a fan I am very upset. I’m more upset with Englund being replaced as Freddy Krueger then the film being remade. In this articles I will share my thoughts on this remake and why it should or should not happen.

Back in January I reported this on tubidy:

“According to Bloody Disgusting, a source inside at New Line Cinema, the studio is developing another Nightmare on Elm Street movie that will not be Freddy Vs. Jason 2.”

I assumed this meant a new sequel, which excited the fanboy in me. But deep down I knew it would be a remake cause being original in Hollywood these days is RARE.

Michael Bay and his minions have decided to hit the re-start button on the Nightmare on Elm Street, despite the last Krueger adventure (Freddy vs Jason) making big money at the box office.

They’re also doing a new Friday the 13th, but that’s not a remake (despite news sites still calling it one, IT’S NOT). Why not do that with Freddy? or is Michael Bay and his minions too lazy to come up with an original concept?

Michael Bay and his minions (I love using this term, sue me) remade “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in 2003 and I remember being upset before the films release. Why the hell would they want to remake such a classic!? Of course the answer would be $$$. But then I thought about the last time we saw Leatherface and that was in the terrible “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation”. I then shut up and saw the remake in theaters and it was actually pretty damn good. It brought respect back to Leatherface, who was seen as an idiotic pussy in the last Chainsaw film.

So why no remake for Freddy for me? Cause Freddy doesn’t need respect back and the nightmare series is far from dead, unlike Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s all about $$$ and being unoriginal for Michael Bay and his minions. And everyone knows who Freddy Krueger is, no need to re-introduce him for the new generation.

But hitting the re-start button is not my biggest problem. It’s replacing Robert Englund. This isn’t Jason Voorhees in which several different people have played the character. Englund is Freddy. He’s played the role since the very beginning and to even think of replacing him is insulting. To make it worse Robert Englund thinks it’s a good idea! Thanks for thinking of your fans Bro. I rather see the character retire then someone else play Freddy Krueger.

But it’s going to happen any ways so why complain? cause it’s my damn right as a fanboy. I want to see a new Nightmare on Elm Street film but not a remake. I don’t want to re-start and see Nancy Thompson and her friends being terrorized by a new Freddy Krueger, screw that. I saw that film already. I want a fresh and brand new Nightmare story with Robert Englund stepping back in the role.

A script hasn’t been written yet and no director has been attached so nothing is final yet. But considering it’s Michael Bay you can expect the Nightmare on Elm Street remake to be charging at you soon.

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Reconstructing Hollywood: Why so Many Remakes?

Half of the movies I’ve seen lately have been re-makes of old, sometimes obscure, classics. I have come across most of these movies on ilgeniodellostreaming, which is an excellent platform to watch most of these movies. The only reason I know this is that, secretly, I scour the “classics” section of video stores and frequently check to see what’s playing on TMC. I can’t help it – to me, it seems that many movies from that long-ago era were just a lot better than some of the crap coming into theatres today.

Allow me to elaborate. Just recently, in August 2006, the new Disney movie The Shaggy Dog, starring Tim Allen in the title role, was released to video. This is a remake of a Disney movie. How sad is that, really? Over the years, Disney has produced an astounding number of fabulous theatrical releases. But lately, they just keep reaching into the vault and remaking all our old faves. Disney has also remade The Absentminded Professor,Herbie: The Love Bug, The Nutty Professor, and Dr. Doolittle in recent years. Write a new live-action script, guys. I mean, what’s next, a remake of Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang?

Some remakes I’ve seen have been excellent, such as The Stepford Wives. Featuring a new ending that differs from the original, I thought this movie was quite well-done. Some movies, however, were done so perfectly the first time around it’s hard to imagine they could ever be made better. Take, for instance, Planet of the Apes. Now, I loved the Charleton Heston version of that movie. When I heard that Mark Wahlberg was to be in the remake, I said, “Well, naturally. He has the face for it.” Then I found out that he wasn’t going to be playing an ape. Are you kidding me? Frankly, I miss Heston.

The Bad News Bears was also re-made, and while I don’t dare dispute the acting talents of Billy Bob Thornton, let’s face the fact that he’s no Walter Matthau. Sorry, but I’m not interested. Today’s DVD age makes it possible to bring any classic out of the closet, completely colorized, and enjoy it again. Why bother to remake perfection, I ask you?

The 39 Steps, for instance, a Hitchcock film. I’m completely averse to remaking any Hitchcock film, and I’ll tell you why: it’s Hitchcock! It’s perfect. Leave it alone. Does anybody remember that tragedy of Psycho remake? ‘Nuff said.

Other bone-chilling horror movies that have been or are being remade include When a Stranger Calls, The Omen, Creature from the Black Lagoon (yes, seriously), and Halloween. Of all these, it is Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween that I dispute the most. The original was created by a master of horror, John Carpenter, it stars Jamie Lee Curtis in one of her first leading roles, and it was bloody great! And you can still rent the original at any video store in the country.

Why so many remakes? Is Hollywood actually running out of ideas, or are they trying to bring old movies to a new generation? I have a better way to bring old movies to a new generation – open your film vault and digitally re-design your old film. Release it on DVD. We’ll all rush to buy. You don’t have to rush into remaking.

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The Best Summer Movies: Classic Summer-themed Movies

Scanning the shelves at your local video store for something to watch this weekend? Summer is almost here, why not try one of these summer-themed films to help enhance the anticipation and kick off the celebration. Sure to get your bellies laughing and your feet ready to hit the beach. Sorry, suntan oil not included. There are loads of summer themed movies that you can enjoy with cyberflix that you can download for free from the link that is there. With this application, you get high picture quality along with the latest and trending movies and tv shows that you can stream and enjoy with your friends.

First on the list is an old John Cusack fave, One Crazy Summer, which also stars a hippie-style Demi Moore. One Crazy Summer was the second film that marked Cusack as the simple comedy heartthrob, the first being Better Off Dead.

Upset about his constant quest for love never yielding any results, Cusack heads off with his pal to Nantucket Island to continue to wallow in his misery. There, he meets Demi Moore, a bluesy singer fighting to regain control of her grandfather’s home, now threatened by a greedy island restauranteur.

In typical 80s movie fashion, comedic high jinks ensue, with a familiar supporting cast of crazy characters adding to the fun. Though the plot is typically cliched and the laughs aren’t as free-flowing as Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer is still a nostalgic must-see comedy.

In the underrated comedy Summer School, Mark Harmon stars as gym teacher Freddy Shoop, forced to teach English to a summer class full of rejects by the annoying antagonist principal. Shoop shows even less enthusiasm for teaching than the students do for learning, content to arrange field trips to amusement parks and the beach rather than stew away in the classroom.

Not until he tries to romance his fellow teacher Kirstie Alley does he apply some seriousness to the teaching process, in essence bribing his students to learn. Amidst the hilarity, Shoop and his students both learn some important life-lessons. Student Dean Cameron is hysterical as a horror-movie buff nick-named Chainsaw, and a young Courtney Thorne-Smith of Melrose Place fame also joins the cast.

More entertaining than you might think, Summer School shows that you don’t need excessive nudity or vulgarity to have a successful comedy that is both timeless and heartwarming.

The classic comedic talents of John Candy exploded onto the big screen with his leading role in Summer Rental, directed by Carl Reiner, who also directed Summer School. John Candy plays the straight man admirably, as a father who rents his family a beach-side summer cabin in Florida, for their enjoyment and his relaxation from a stressful job.

Unfortunately, the stress continues to grow to monstrous proportions as Candy finds himself butting heads with a multitude of problems, stemming from strange neighbors, unruly beach-goers, and the jerky, wealthy antagonist of the film, who happens to be Candy’s landlord. Threatened with eviction, John Candy challenges his landlord to a boat race. The stakes: Mainly John Candy’s sanity.

Summer Rental is another notch in the belt of endearing comedies that make us laugh and wish for more, especially from John Candy, whose unfortunate passing was a major blow to traditional comedy.

Veering away from the comedy side of things, we head into darker territory with Summer Camp Nightmare. While some may find laughs in the highly unlikely plot developments, this wannabe dark-teen thriller still entertains profusely, with real moments of suspense, thrills, and even some mildly disturbing context.

Summer Camp Nightmare tells the story of a summer camp run amok. When a rebellious teen begins to convert many of the campers to loyal followers and draws the ire of a mildly fanatic camp leader, a revolt ensues. The counselors are locked up and the children now run the camp of their own accord, under the leadership of the rebel Franklin Riley.

The Summer Camp Nightmare really begins when order begins to break down throughout the revolution, and the movie leaves the territory of suspense/comedy, and enters into more disturbingly dramatic situations, such as rape and murder.

Eventually, the revolution is overthrown by a few do-gooders who were never hip to Riley’s particular brand of leadership. Somewhat of a cult favorite, Summer Camp Nightmare is certainly not one of the more popular summer-themed movies, but it is one of the most daring.

The triple combination of action, comedy, and drama lends itself rather well to the splendid adventure film, White Water Summer. This movie stars a young Kevin Bacon as Vic, a gruffly intense outdoorsman, who takes four boys into the wilderness to teach them about camping and living off the land. Of note is Sean Astin as one of the boys and the other star of the film. Sean Astin is now known worldwide for his role of Samwise the Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Sean Astin’s character, Alan, is not thrilled to be in the great outdoors, and even less thrilled about Vic. The two cannot see eye-to-eye on anything, making for increasing levels of frustration in both the characters and ourselves as we watch the character study elevate to increasingly dangerous levels.

The heated battle of wills between Vic and Alan culminates in a life-threatening accident that puts everyone to the test. In the end, all have learned important lessons, and a deeper understanding of each other is forged.

White Water Summer gives us a chance to see Bacon and Astin at the beginning of their careers in a movie unfettered by over-stylized drama or special effects, just all-around good story-telling.

Not to be discounted is perhaps one of the greatest summer comedies, still unrivaled despite the new crop of comedic selections being churned out by Hollywood. The 1979 camp comedy Meatballs, starring Bill Murray as a camp counselor, is one of those timeless movies that can be continually enjoyed for its true-to-life portrayals of all the wacky characters.

Meatballs follows the cast of characters throughout the summer, and as the characters grow, we are there with them and we begin to like them even more with each scene. Of course, every movie needs a wrap-up, and though the ending of Meatballs is rather anticlimactic, it manages to instill a sense of feel-goodness, along with a few ounces of sadness, for we feel the end of the summer adventure as much as the characters in the film do.

So it would seem, at the end, there is nothing left to do but sit back, relax, and watch it again.

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Recycling Your Wedding Bouquet and Making Art

The wedding you had was amazing, and the bouquet your florist made for you with the calla lilies and roses made you feel like a princess. It has been three months since, and there is your bouquet all dried up sitting on your shelf. The ribbons around the stems are about the only thing holding it together. What do you do with it now?


This is the conundrum I was facing, and then it hit me. I got it! I should make a painting with it. I looked at the empty wall above my bed and pictured three frames above the headboard. The three frames were to frame my flowers… but how?

I decided to get to work right away and taking my two kids with me, I went to the GTM store (a discount store). There, I purchased three frames for almost four dollars a piece. After that, because I knew I had some paint at home, I went home.

When I got home, I took care of my kids and when they were content, I situated myself outside with the frames I bought, my bouquet, a tube of glue and a can of paint that was a lighter shade but the same color as my wall. I began taking off the frames by lifting up the little metal pieces holding the glass to them. I did this one at a time.


After taking off the frames, I discovered that the black and white photo the frames were framing had a piece of cardboard under it. So, I knew the material then and there that I had to work with. I took out the black and white photos and laid them on the cardboard on the grass outside in my yard.

Then I opened my can of paint and taking a cheap paintbrush, I painted over the black and white photo in parts.

I started off by painting away the faces and the arms of the couple in the photo, and left the architectural elements of the building surrounding them showing. Then I added a few swipes next to the edges, and blended the paint in to the picture as if I was creating a painting utilizing the colors of the existing photo. Finally, I placed a few glue drops here and there, close to the edges, and off center or in the middle. Then I took my unravelled bouquet of flowers, and took a flower one-by-one, and placed it onto the glue drops.

I pressed the flowers onto each photo I painted and glued, and after I was satisfied with my composition, I let them dry. After they had dried, I took the glass frames that were off to the side, and gently put each frame back together. By doing this, I created three separate paintings all adorned with my wedding bouquet. I hung them up above my headboard to remind me of that very special day when I met the love of my life.

I am taking this moment now to share this with you so you too can create a memorable piece with your bouquet which I faced when I was in a function where I saw the djs lancaster pa. Hanging dried flowers up can look anywhere from nice, to eclectic but unfitting. Dried flowers also easily break and little pieces can fall onto your floor leaving you more housework. Putting your dried up bouquet in a vase is another idea, but then your entire home decor needs to be somewhat 1800’s chic.

Creating a painting with your bouquet will leave you extra space on your shelves. It is also a fun project you can do by yourself, with your kids, and or your husband. The results are rewarding, and most of all, you are preserving the flowers that you held on the day you said, ” I do.” Be sure to place your painting(s) in a place that you can look at them everyday, and enjoy them as you do your

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Tattoos: Bring Out The Style Icon In You

In this new age, who doesn’t want to look good. Be it in size, shape or structure, the younger generation are more obsessed with their looks than ever and are so health conscious that they don’t think twice before avoiding or completely abandoning the kind of food that is considered unhealthy that is normally called junk food.

Even the older generation folks of today have adapted to the fashion world seamlessly by following in the footsteps of their offspring and are enjoying every bit of it.

They have finally started to realize that it is important to move on and adapt yourself to the change of times otherwise you will be left far behind in the rat race as that is what it has become: keep going without stopping or you will be crushed.

The tattoos are today considered the final step to the peak of fashion statement today. Now, there was a time when you would buy a chewing gum and get a tattoo free of your favorite comic book character and would happily apply it on the hand until it wore off.

But today, you have to go under the knife for the simplest of procedures as the tattoo is not inked but engraved into your chosen body part and becomes a fixture and part of your body with glitter tattoo Singapore being the best of all.

Here some important points are listed out on expressing your feelings with tattoos:

  • It proves that you have upgraded yourself to cater to the current times and by engraving a tattoo of loved ones will make you forget the psychological scars of your past.
  • They are valuable assets for introverted people as they reflect your personality and others who feel similar will relate to it and start talking to you.
  • It reflects on memories, both good and bad, by reminding us of our true personality.

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An Ultimate Guide To Beginning A New Relationship!

There are various unforgettable moments in a person’s life, but one of the most important and memorable moments is when he finds a partner and gets into a relationship. The beginning stage of a new relationship is quite critical as both people need to be heedful before taking any step as they don’t know much about each other. One has to handle the relationship properly in the initial stage, and some amazing tips can help you to manage your relationship correctly in its beginning stage. Nowadays, you can easily get into a relationship through various best hookup sites, but maintaining it is the real task.

How to begin and new relationship and build it successfully?

Go to varying dates

Frequent dates are common, especially when your relationship is new, so to get more close to each other, you must try to go on different dates each time as the same date can be annoying. Infuse some variety by trying new things such as having a drink, going for a walk, beach picnic, etc. It helps to make your relationship exciting and full of surprise in the beginning. The initial stage is essential, and if you pass it correctly, then you can easily build it.

Stay real

Most of the people make this common mistake by acting fake on their first date, and it is a thing that will cause various problems later on as you cannot fake it throughout your relationship. So, it is better to stay real and show your original side at your first encounter so that the other person can decide whether they like you or not.

Talk less and listen more

You must learn to listen if you want to run your relationship successfully as only talking about yourself will turn off the other person, and such a relationship can never work. Listen to your partner; learn about him for a better understanding.

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Learn These 2 Tips For Learning How Harmony Just Likes A Professional!

Harmony comes in the musical form and sessions which include sounds of an individual, and we can simulate it just by hearing the sounds. It combines the elimination of pitches, tones, and frequencies for forming chords and notes.

The principles of harmony vary with connecting chords and forming sounds so that it enhances the progressions of sounds.

There are different forms of harmony as in jazz style the chords are in the form of degrees which accounts the dominant and sub-dominant chords. It is fun-loving to create harmonies and experiencing levels of musical sound.

You need to do practice a lot so that you will become professional and master in harmony. The first thing which you should do is how to sing harmony in a form, or we can say in tunes.

Here are the 2 easy tips for singing harmony!

The 2 easy tips for singing harmony in just some simple ways are listed in the lower segment as:

  • You need to record your own singing sessions so that it improves you’re your vocal as well as voice. Practice alone as much as you can so that, you will become little confident and enhance your boost among hundred’s.

  • If you consider the ear training sessions and exercise, then it will help you develop your harmonic skills. If you are starting your exercise, then, start with the lowest formation and then go towards the highest one.

Lastly, you need to improve your own theories and harmony skills so that it helps you in developing your voice, and it also helps in starting your harmony line in one form.

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Benefits of using Lyric Video Projection in Worship

The popularity of lyric videos still continues to go up to this day. This is because it has a lot of uses and benefits. The use of lyric videos has a vital role in modern worship. It might seem like a joke to a lot of people but allowing the use of lyric video projection in worship helps the attendees a lot. These benefits are as follows:

It helps set the ambiance of the session

Many people are using lyric video projection in every session. This further improves the ambiance of the whole worship session because it helps the people to concentrate on the worship itself. It can also increase the feeling of every song that is played when worshipping. This can also make the message of the song a lot easier to understand. It is one way of communication between the audiences and the one who is the head of worship.

It aids the audience to illustrate the gospel

This is the main reason why using lyric video projection is vital. It produces visual stimulation on the audiences making them a lot easier to digest. This way, it will boost the effectivity of the worship session. And a lot of people will appreciate the effort done to maintain and improve the effectivity of the worship sessions.

Easy to maintain and cost-effective in the long run

This might seem a bit confusing, but the usage of lyric video projection is one of the most cost-effective ways because you can use it every time. There will be no need for someone to create another professional lyric videos every time you finished the worship. It is also easy to store and maintain. There are a lot of lyric videos on the internet for every song. That’s why it is better to use because of its long term availability.

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Watch Movies On Your Tv With Nintendo Wii And Tversity

Console gaming has been evolving over the years and its function has expanded from its usual use and purpose. Thus, console gaming is not only for gaming purposes but it is also being used to watch free movies online in today’s generation. Your Nintendo wii and Tversity are also a good platform where you can watch your desired movies. You just have to connect your device to a wifi connection, attach it to your TV and voila, you are all set up.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo wii console Internet channel should be connected to the console. You can purchase it from a store channel for around 400 to 500 nintendo points. Additionally, cheap gaming devices such as laptops below 400 Tversity must be palced on your computer. Through this, you will be able to download a totally free copy from


Tversity, on the other hand, is a great media platform where you can steam video and movies to different devices. What makes Tversity different and amazing is that its homepage has the ability to convert all types of video formats so you can freely watch them in your Wii. Furthermore, downloading and installing this tool in your computer is very easy and simple. You just have to follow the provided instruction in the manual.

With these modern devices, watching free movies online is now convenient and faster. You can watch 13 reasons why 123movies and other movies or series you want to stream. This is all because of the continuous advancement and development of our technology. It allows us to have an array of options on what device we prefer to stream online movies. We can opt to watch on laptop, mobile phones or even on your TV with Nintendo Wii and Tversity.

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5 Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Use

It’s a bit of a challenge when you need to think up of corporate gifts. It should be a mix of something professional yet also something that would make them feel like you know them on a personal level. There’s a fine line you should tread in giving such gifts. But there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered.

USB or Hard Drive

Everyone uses a USB or hard drive these days. Giving these items in a nice looking pouch will score you some points with your business partners or co-workers. They’ll use it either for work or personal use. It’s the perfect present to give and one your colleagues will truly appreciate.

Tumblers or Coffee Mugs

Coffee is a staple drink when you’re in the corporate world. Caffeine is so important and so is having your own coffee mug or tumbler. Have them personalized when you give them as gifts or place them in a small tote bag. They’ll enjoy it and can be a good conversation piece when you’re on coffee breaks.

Gift Cards

It can be stressful when you’re working nine to five for five days a week. Sometimes, it’s even six days a week. Giving gift cards from certain establishment that lets your colleagues cool off during their break is a great gift idea. For instance, give them gift cards from spas or hotels. They’ll certainly be grateful for that weekend rest and relaxation treatment.


Planners are in all the rage nowadays even when most of your stuff can be recorded on to your phone. There’s just something about scribbling down your reminders on paper that gets you hyped up. Add in a couple of colorful markers, fancy pens and washi tapes for a bigger gift package.


Your office is your second home due to the fact that you spend more hours there in a week. So why not help the rest stay comfortable? Give them pillows for their backs or necks which they can use when they’re feeling stressed out. It’ll also serve as a nice gesture in reminding them you care about their comfort in the office.

If you’re feeling more than generous, you can add all these items in a gift bag. The items mentioned above can all be affordable so you don’t have to splurge in getting these gifts.