Best Wizard of Oz Movie Fan Sites

From the time the Wizard of Oz was first shown in theaters so many years ago, it became an instant classic. I’m sure anyone reading this article can remember watching it together as a family when they were young, and will probably one day sit down and watch this movie with their children if they have not already done so. Below is a listing of some of the best Fansites for the Wizard of Oz movie starring Judy Garland.

  1. I am not sure that this site would actually classify as a “fan site”, but it is the official site of the Wizard of Oz movie, so I feel as if I should include it. This site includes “Munchkin Land” (kids activity segment with a game and photo gallery), “Apple Orchard” with information about the cast of the movie, “Haunted Forest” (all about the film), “Witches Castle” (the media gallery), and “Emerald City” (extras including song lyrics and links). Definitely a great site for any Wizard of Oz fan to check out.
  1. This page is part of a larger site and is dedicated to the classic 1939 film. There are many links and information for the Oz fan including how the special effects were done, facts and myths about the ruby slippers, a page entirely devoted to “Toto”, accidents and bloopers while filming, sights and sounds (movie clips you can view), and much more!
  1. Entitled “a tribute to movie magic and the miracle of production”, this page is the author’s attempt to keep the magic of the Wizard of Oz movie alive. Features include the ability to sing along to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” with Dorothy, read how it all began, and view and sign the guestbook for Oz fans.
  1. Again, not specifically a “fan” site, but full of great Oz information, this section of gives many informative details about the movie. It explains how the Wizard of Oz was nominated for six academy awards and was one of the first movies to be nominated to the National Film Registry, along with other facts and statistics. Includes a great photo gallery, and downloads such as screen savers, desktop themes, and wallpaper images.

  1. This is a very complete site, begun with only three pages in 1996-it has come a long way since then! The complete script is included on this site. There is also an emporium for Oz fans to purchase anything from Wizard of Oz DVDs to water globes to children’s imitation ruby slippers. There are links on this site to different Oz events (Yellow Brick Road Festival and Munchkin Convention), and even a page memorializing the staff, crew, and actors who have since passed on. A fun stuff page with games and a coloring book is part of this site.
  1. Watch free movies and TV shows online as you click on the link you can enjoy your favorite Wizard Of OZ movies for free. You get a complete package for your whole family with that. Additionally, you get a wide range of other movies in every genre that you can enjoy on this website. 

Puzzle games- Get the best puzzle games on your android phones

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What are the best puzzle games you can get? 

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Do Watching Movies Relieve Stress?

Movies have always been our lists for a source of entertainment. We have many options for watching movies like in theatres, in television or in apps which support movies. We have our reasons to watch movies. Some of us like to watch movies to kill away time, while some of us like to watch movies in theatres to spend our time with our friends and families, and some of us just like to watch movies because movies our very interesting in terms of stories as well. As few people watch movies for good stories, there are few people who like to watch movies because of their favorite celebrities. And also, you may find few people watching movies due to few scenes they liked about the movies.

So, with there being a dozens of reasons to watch movies, the main reason hidden in all of those is that Movies Are Stress Busters. Movies help a lot in removing stress from our lives for at least a short period of time. There are few movies which inspire us and on the other hand there are a few which amuse us. With all of them collectively we can relief our stress.

Sources for watching Movies-

With theatres and television on one side, we can also choose apps and website to watch movies through internet access. Better than watching online, you can download free movies apps to help you download or watch movies of your interest. There are a lot of movie apps present in the stores of apps which all function almost the same. You can download free movie apps from these stores and register in the apps as a user and utilize all the features of the app which also include watching and downloading movies.


Important Strategies To Become A Pro At Block City Wars

Block City Wars is a combination of top-rated games like GTA and Minecraft. It provided the best game playing experience and it is not that easy to win the game. If you are a beginner and looking for the top strategies to win the game, then this post is for you. It is a zombie game and has many features like the range of vehicles that can be used on the game, more than 100 weapon types like rifles, and online multiplayer facilities. Crossing each level is fun, engaging, and thrilling to lead the game score. Check out the post to know about more strategies to play the game like a pro.

  • Killing animals:

It is very easy to get killed by the ferocious animals on the game. Hence use your weapons wisely to kill all the animals that try to kill you to save yourselves.

  • Avoiding certain zombies:

Old zombies are more threat and hence avoid them. The zombies are far more dangerous compared to the above animals. Try to escape from the zombies and the old city. Check out the post to know about zombie types and their harm.

  • Not judging:

It is important to not judging these zombies as they pretend to be a nice one.

  • Getting the fastest car and top weapons:

It is important to get the fastest car to compete with the other players to speed up the race.

  • Get out immediately:

If any damage is in front, do not hesitate getting out of the vehicle. Get out the vehicle with the jet pack in order to fly away.

  • Clever plans:

It is important to play cunning in order to win the game. Only clever plans work out in winning the block city wars.

  • Finding hidden coins:

Prizes are cool and check out the post for more prizes. The hidden coins are the only way to get these prizes.

The Block City Wars is an interesting online multiplayer game only if you know certain strategies and techniques to lead the game.


The Real Reason Why Women Like Dating Apps

One of the most popular dating apps is Tinder. And with this, there are a lot of reasons why many people use Tinder and other dating app out there. But putting all of those reasons aside, the most surprising of all is that there are also a lot of women who are using these social media tools.  images_q=tbn_ANd9GcTSini_6XcsRPDigtnwaGSDb4-wKdH2z-tji8aVO0weOEhenpe8PA

Serious Dating

The truth is that there are a lot of reasons why women might be into dating apps. It may either be because they want to have new friends, or they want to just flirt and hook up with someone, or perhaps they are looking for true love. If you are using Tinder, and you are searching for a date, the first thing that you should consider are the phrases that are present in one’s profile. For example, the phrase, “no ONS” means “no one night stands”. If you ever get to stumble on a lady that has this on her Tinder profile, then that means that she‘s not into casual sex.1422544126_okcupid

Casual Encounter

There are also phrases which says, “seeking something serious”, “no hook ups”, and “no players”. If a lady has this on her profile, then there’s only one thing that she wants to imply, and that she’s in Tinder because she wants to have a serious relationship. On the other hand, there are also those ladies who just want to have fun in Tinder. Tinder accounts that bear the phrases “no strings”, “casual fun only”, or any phrases that goes along those line, are pretty good signs that she’s into casual sex.


To sum it all up, Tinder is a place where you can find different kinds of people. All you have to do is to know which signs you need to search for the specific kind of person that you want to date. Have fun using Tinder.


Download Your Favorite Songs For Free

Back in the day enjoying a movie or listening to music was only limited only to your home because you could not really carry a lot of devices along with you in order to enjoy these benefits. Although there are MP3 players and the Walkman that was introduced, it was not really beneficial because it means carrying a whole new device along with you to listen to music.  video-editing-apps-clips-hero-780x439

These days with the introduction of smart phones you can carry movies or music and a lot more on one single device and this makes it extremely beneficial for you to do whatever you like to no matter where you are. In case you enjoy listening to music but you are not too keen on storing too many songs on your smartphone then you need to try the Wapwon Video Download app where you can not only download some amazing videos but also listen to songs online whenever you want to.

One of the best parts about this video downloader is that you do not have to download what you do not intend on downloading because you can also you view the video online first. In case you are not too keen on using up your mobile data to listen to songs you can always download the song.

The best part about the website is that it has multiple songs that you can pick from and apart from some of the latest songs that are very popular these days it also has a huge collection of some old songs that you will enjoy listening to. There is no reason why you should avoid visiting this website and in case there are a few videos that you have been thinking of, you can download those videos as well from this website.


How to Hack Someone Else’s Snapchat Account?

Snapchat is interesting, because one gets to send their photos to another Snapchat user and they don’t get stored on any of the ends. It looks simple from the outside but anyone with technical knowledge would know that this isn’t such an easy case. The photo that’s sent to someone needs to be stored in a local storage system for a while before it is viewed, and that staying time is the risk spot where private photos may get stolen. Some people hack into Snapchat for harm, and some for fun. Whatever your motive is, note that illegal hacking into Snapchat can actually put you into jail. Also, you might just break your precious friendship. Even after all these warning if you still wonder ‘how to hack someone’s Snapchat?’ then here are the ways. images_qtbn_and9gcrtt-isurehzethrwtvyhvnoin8bpqroxllt2i79rneu7gollgkpw

Here are the Methods

  • Snapchat Password Cracker: Apps like this actually exists. A crooked app might just get installed in the background on a smartphone without the user knowing, and it can capture the password right when the users enters it. Some similar apps might get injected into the Snapchat database and steal username and passwords as a bunch.
  • Spying Apps: There are legit spying apps for smartphones, mostly bought by parents and other families to keep an eye on their early teen children. This could be a good parenting practice at so many levels or the exact opposite, but what happens when someone other than a parent or family gets such an app to spy on one’s smartphone? Well, that’s one possibility.
  • Shoulder Surfing: A lot of people don’t even care about this ongoing security threat. Always mind your surroundings while entering a password. Cover your password input with something else and don’t let a shoulder surfer take a peek on your password.b9ngdnp


These are 3 most popular ways to hack someone’s Snapchat account. We wouldn’t recommend such hacking, but it’s good to know.


Get Unlimited Coins And Cash For Free

The demand for madden mobile 17 has just kept increasing and if you too are addicted to the game but you hate waiting to accumulate enough coins and cash to move forward or you’re tired of spending money to move ahead in the game, it’s time to try the madden mobile 17 hack. While there are a number of hacks available in the market, this hack is different and it is one of the few hacks that actually work towards your benefit. Unlike the other hacks, this hack is fast, efficient and you get your free coins and cash in no time. madden-for-pc

You can use this hack as often as you want since it comes with an auto update feature. This means the hack automatically updates each time the game gets updated. This ensures that the hack will work no matter what and you can get your free coins and cash each time you visit the site. While most hacks need you to download or install files that are not safe to your device, this hack is online and all you need to do is click on the link in order for the hack to get activated. Once the hack is activated, you get your free coins and cash in no time. One of the best things about this hack is that it can’t be detected by the developers. This means you can use it as often as you want and your account will never be suspended or banned for using it.images_qtbn_and9gctzd1rwujpohcrad3kdtrksrrf2q4vxpygt582krnajbzqae4xs

Madden mobile is certainly one of the best NFL games ever made. When you look at other NFL games it does not bring out the competitive spirit of the players. However with madden mobile there are tournaments, series and leader boards that keep players interested and keep them in competition mode at all times. One of the biggest challenges of the madden mobile game is earning the cash and coins to recruit players. If you have enough cash and coins you will be able to recruit the best players with ease. However when you run out of cash and coins you will have to adjust and recruit all the lesser value players. This means that your team will not be the best when it comes to competing with other teams.

Once you get the madden mobile 17 hack you will not have to compromise anymore. This hack entitles you to free unlimited cash and coins for recruiting the players. This means that you will no longer have to settle for lesser value players. You can recruit all the best players for your team and build a world class NFL team. Once your team is assembled it will be virtually unbeatable. There will be no other team that can even come close. Since you would be the only one knowing about the madden mobile 17 hack you will have the advantage over the other players.


Meeting The Anonymous The New Way

We live an era where we don’t meet strangers at the restaurants or streets or at any social events, but online. It’s not at all uncanny to hear that people meet online or they meet online and got married later. We can without any doubt say that it’s an online period. There are certain apps which are based on the same impression. Talking about these the most popular among them is Kik Messenger.


Kik messenger is the most popular apps when it comes to online. It is a free instant messenger application for smartphones. It is an application developed by a Canadian named KIK. The app is available for free on ios, android, and windows. It requires mobile data or wifi. Main features of the app include sharing of photos, videos, messages, these are some basic features that every instant messenger provides.

A special feature it poses is that it allows anonymity, that is it allows users to use the app without providing any contact number, it also does prevent users from getting located. The basic requirement to use this app is the full name of the user, email id, birth date etc. Although it is required the user must be 13 years or above the age to use the app, there are many teenagers who are under 13 and still registers themselves for the app. There is no other way to verify the age of the user so it may lead to miss use of the app.


The application basically allows you to meet strangers online and interact with them without exchanging any contact number or email id,all we need is – kik usernames. To add other people you can simply scan the unique code from your phone and the person will be automatically added. The application has also been in some controversies, there is always much concern about the app regarding its anonymity. Most of the time it may happen that the conversation may become an adult and it is not at all fair for a teenager to have this kind of conversation.

Kik messenger may help few of the people who are lonely, don’t have any friends or those people who are depressed. Meeting new people online sharing your darkest secret, as there is anonymity no one will know who you are. This is a good way to relax and lessen the stress.